DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group Quarterly Meeting

October 9, 2014



Gaeir Dietrich, Robert Jaquiss, Brian MacDonald, Julie Noblitt, Ting Siu, Jane Thompson, Laurie Vasquez


Jim Allan, Anh Bui, Lore Schindler, Natalie Shaheen


1.      Refreshed Outreach goals from Airlie

    1. Hone our messaging plan and target audiences so that we have the right talking points to disseminate our work most effectively. E.g. rename the Content Model to better convey what it is (with Standards WG).
      1. ACTION:  Gaier Dietrich will be the Outreach WG liaison to the Standards WG to work on this.
      2. Look at CTEBVI, the California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired: http://www.ctebvi.org   The yearly conference is March 19-22, 2015, and will be held in San Francisco. It's a great opportunity to reach practitioners and bridge developments to implementation! Ting is on planning committee for this.
      3. AER International also a good place to reach TVIs.
      4. Good contact: Jonn Paris-Salb, Administrator, Clearinghouse for Specialized Media & Translations jparissalb@cde.ca.gov
    2. Determine and measure additional metrics of success so that we can meaningfully articulate our impact.
      1. DISCUSSION: Possible to analyze historical discussion in archives of key listservs and measure/map how topics are changing over time? Number of mentions of DIAGRAM initiatives? Lots more chatter on altmedia in recent months about tactile graphics. Possible to do a basic search on subject lines and/or bodies of messages? Another good listerv is DSSHE: https://listserv.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/wa
      2. ACTION: Laurie & Gaeir will look into possible software tools to analyze listserv content.
    3. Continue to provide effective webinars so that our audiences get timely and effective information about the latest tools and resources.
      1. Next webinar before end of 2014: Markku Hakkinen will present webinar on latest research in haptics.
      2. Quarterly webinars will continue in 2015.
    4. Synthesize what we’ve done so that DIAGRAM’s contributions and impact are clear to our audiences and they can make the best use of our work.   Includes:
      1. Packaging the DIAGRAM Tool Suite so that it demonstrates how our tools and resources help with each step of the accessible content creation process.
      2. Crafting the story of what we did and how it worked to serve a model for others.
      3. Demonstrating clearly how students can benefit from our work
        1. DISCUSSION: Difficulty of doing “show & tell” of virtual materials. Desire for hard-copy collateral of some kind to hand to TVIs and others when WG members and others are at conferences and meetings.
    5. Provide clear tasks for Working Groups and community members so they can stay engaged and directly make impact.
    6. Determine how to preserve for the long-term all the assets created by DIAGRAM so that, if the project comes to a close, our audiences will continue to benefit from the work we did.  

2.      Updates from DIAGRAM:

    1. Poet updates: new Training Module & support for epub files.
      1. ACTION: Read and share blog post about this.
    2. New grant: IMLS for 3D printing programs in libraries & museums
      1. ACTION: See blog post about this.


    1. Gaier Dietrich will be the Outreach WG liaison to the Standards WG to help rename the Content Model
    2. Laurie & Gaeir will look into possible software tools to analyze listserv content.
    3. All: read and share DIAGRAM blog posts on IMLS 3D printing grant and Poet Training Module
    4. All: when haptics webinar info becomes available, please share with your networks.

4.      Status of Action Items from April 2014 meeting

    1. Do “show and tell” sessions of Sample Book in high tech training centers - pending
    2. Find use case studies of Sample Book and write them up/publish them - pending
    3. Create a “follow the DIAGRAM Center” button on web site –pending
    4. DIAGRAM to follow up with Ting about possible short Camtasia demo of Sample Book –pending
    5. DIAGRAM to conduct survey of Sample Book webinar registrants to determine impact – DONE – results distributed – further action pending by Content WG