DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group Quarterly Meeting

December 18, 2014


Anh Bui, Gaeir Dietrich, Maureen Hawes, Julie Noblitt, Mike Sharpe, Amaya Webster


Jim Allan, Robert Jaquiss, Brian MacDonald, Lore Schindler, Natalie Shaheen, Ting Siu, Jane Thompson, Laurie Vasquez


1.      Special guests Maureen Hawes & Mike Sharpe: DIAGRAM Metrics of Success

    1. What is the “so what” about the outcomes of DIAGRAM’s work? With R & D projects, can be hard to draw a straight line from a research report to a kid in a classroom, for example.
    2. Therefore, storytelling is the best way to capture DIAGRAM'S impact. Answer the question, “What difference did OSEP’s investment make in the world?”
      1. What would the world be like today if DIAGRAM had not been established 5 years ago? E.g. How have   standards been impacted? Find experts to discuss that question. What tools exist today that did not exist 5 years ago?
      2. How has the collaboration of DIAGRAM's working groups and external partners made it possible to really make things progress much more quickly in the world of image accessibility? Talk about collaboration s with publishers, e.g.
      3. Aim for 2 or 3 stories.
    3. Be sure to align and link the stories to the priorities originally defined in the project definition and to the logic model of the program.
    4. We can use numerical data or metrics in the stories as supporting evidence of impact (e.g. increased discussion on listservs in altmedia community).
    5. Maureen and Mike will be conducting impact interviews next year and can tailor some questions in the interview process to support whatever the Outreach group lands on relative to "stories" of DIAGRAM's impact.
    6. Mike will share with us some storytelling resources.
    7. Comments: DIAGRAM has raised awareness a great deal. Will be needed more than every going forward, esp. with rise of 3D printing (recently saw 3D Doodler Pen in Skymall Magazine). Need guidelines for how to use this technology for accessibility.

2.        Updates from DIAGRAM:

    1. Last month Gaeir Dietrich and Sue-Ann Ma spoke at Accessing Higher Ground about DIAGRAM initiatives – very well received. Standing room only! About 70 in the audience, some had to be turned away. Connection of DIAGRAM work to STEM is important.
    2. Welcome new DIAGRAM team member Amaya Webster! Amaya has been at Benetech for 2 years as Bookshare customer support, now part-time project manager for DIAGRAM.
    3. The Content Model has a new name: “Diagrammar: A Framework for Making Images and Graphics Accessible.” Many thanks to Gaeir for serving as liaison to the Standards WG to help out with the renaming process!  See the new name up in lights here: http://diagramcenter.org/standards-and-practices/content-model.html
    4. DIAGRAM projects will be the subject of several sessions at CSUN 2015:
      1. 3D Printing Panel: Anh Bui, Mike Cheverie, Ting Siu, Lore Schindler, Lucia Hasty
      2. Math Panel: Sue-Ann Ma, Glen Gordon, Sanders Kleinfeld, Neil Soiffer
      3. Born Accessible: Robin Seaman, Betsy Beaumon, George Kerscher, Elaine Ober, Kimi Sugeno
      4. Poet Training Module and related research (NCAM panel)
      5. Save the date for DIAGRAM “Office Hours” on Thursday March 5 th (5:30 – 7pm). This year will do a mini Maker Space with 3D printing and haptics demos.


    1. Mike Sharpe will share storytelling resources
    2. Save the date: March 5 th 5:30-7pm at CSUN for Office Hours/Maker Space
    3. Next meeting in February 2015 – Julie will send Doodle. Agenda: selecting story topics and brainstorming good experts to interview.