DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group Quarterly Meeting

April 14, 2014



Gaeir Dietrich, McKenzie Erickson, Robert Jaquiss, Brian MacDonald, Julie Noblitt, Ting Siu, Laurie Vasquez


Jim Allan, Anh Bui, Lore Schindler, Natalie Shaheen, Jane Thompson


1.      Outreach for Accessible Image Sample Book

    1. Do “show and tell” sessions in high tech training centers
    2. Webinars are effective
    3. Find use case studies and write them up/publish them
    4. Give people an easy way to “follow the DIAGRAM Center”
    5. Make a video “ad” for the Sample Book (Ting offers to help with that)

2.      Ideas for Airlie agenda

    1. Application and implementation of DIAGRAM products in educational environment
    2. Facilitator very good – breakout group discussion and reporting back to whole group.
    3. Remind people what was accomplished in 2012 Asilomar meeting
    4. Synthesize accomplishments of all the working groups
      1. Tool development, R&D
      2. Real-world application – where do end-users get their biggest bang for buck in educational arena? In publishing? Web development? Teaching
    5. Grants for longer term: We’ve done a great job of pooling big brains & influencers in the Working Groups and Advisory Board. How do we keep the momentum going?
    6. Further development of Poet: For use with PDF, Word, other common document types?
    7. Research: must maintain a research agenda – very important. Evidence-based p ractices.
    8. Webinars: Fine-tune those audiences. Do follow-up surveys to find out how webinars have benefitted students/teachers/others.


    1. DIAGRAM to follow up with Ting about possible short Camtasia demo of AISB
    2. DIAGRAM to conduct survey of Sample Book webinar registrants to determine impact.
    3. Continue the discussion at The Airlie Center: June 24-25!