DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group Quarterly Meeting

February 5, 2014



Jim Allan, Gaeir Dietrich, Robert Jaquiss, Brian MacDonald, Julie Noblitt, Ting Siu


Anh Bui, McKenzie Erickson, Lore Schindler, Natalie Shaheen, Jane Thompson, Laurie Vasquez


1.      Welcome, roll call, introduction of new member, Gaeir Dietrich

  1. Refreshed DIAGRAM web site http://diagramcenter.org/

a.       Twitter and blog feed right to the home page so you can see all the latest DIAGRAM news at a glance

b.       Additional accessibility features:

i.   a “Skip to” widget that allows you to see a menu of the contents of each page and quickly navigate to the content you want

ii.                        A widget that allows you toggle for gray scale, high contrast, and font size

c.       Refreshed text to reduce jargon and clarify the benefits of DIAGRAM initiatives.

d.       New “ About DIAGRAM ” page consolidates key information, with a link to the new “ Testimonials ” page, “What People Are Saying About the DIAGRAM Center”

e.       Group feedback:

i.   Looks good - navigates well on a tablet device

ii.                        Would be great to add a newsletter sign-up function. Right now newsletter list maintenance is manual, via email. Would like to set up something in Vertical Reseponse. Suggest outreach through NFB netlist and freelist.org

  1. Next DIAGRAM webinars http://blog.diagramcenter.org/?p=1430
    1. Introduction to the Accessible Image Sample Book (February 6, 2014 – 400+ registrants!)
    2. 3D Printing for Accessible Education (April 30, 2014 by Ting Siu)
      1. Webinars terrific for outreach – get word out through NFB, AFB, other lists, in addition to past webinar registrants and special interest groups.
  2. Accessible Image Sample Book, authored by DIAGRAM Content Working Group http://diagramcenter.org/standards-and-practices/accessible-image-sample-book.html
    1. free online resource that shows many options are for creating accessible versions of digital images such as maps, bar charts, diagrams, mathematical expressions, photographs, and more.
    2. Each of the seven chapters in the book shows a different complex image in context of the book it came from, along with helpful tips and the code used to provide the accessible image in a digital book, including short and long descriptions, tactile graphics, MathML, sonification, audio description, and 3D printing.
    3. Code snippets included that anyone can use when creating accessible images in their own digital books and other digital publications.
  3. Tactiles, 3D Printing, and Accessibility Metadata
    1. 3D printing is “wild west” – lots of people interested in learning how to create tactiles.
    2. Suggestion: create page on DIAGRAM site on how to create tactile graphics (maybe, “Tactile Graphics 101”?)
    3. Work on the Accessibility Metadata Project is making it possible for Content Working Group to start talking about design of an accessible image registry. Others exist now, but can be hard to find or there may be barriers to international use due to rights issues.
    4. Robert Jaquiss will make a list of existing libraries of tactiles and circulate to the group – DONE – See below.
    5. Julie will contact Lisa Yayla in Norway to see if she can tell us where her image library resource is located now. If successful, will put her in touch with Brian MacDonald for follow-up.
  4. See everyone at CSUN!  DIAGRAM “Office Hours” – Thurs March 20 th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm in the hotel.
  5. Next quarterly meeting: April 2014 – Date TBD – Julie will send Doodle to schedule.
  6. See previous meeting notes: https://wiki.benetech.org/display/out/Home



List of Tactile Libraries

Robert Jaquiss

Last Revised Wednesday, February 19, 2014


     The following is a list of libraries containing files that can be used to create tactile images. The inclusion of a library in the following list does not constitute an endorsement by either the DIAGRAM Project or Benetech. This document is a work in progress and is therefore subject to change without notice.


1.      American Printing House for the Blind; Tactile Graphics Library. Web site: http://www.aph.org/tgil/ This library is targeted toward K-12 students.

2.      Independence Science; TAEVIS collection. Web site: http://www.independencescience.com/ This site contains 11,280 files produced by Purdue University for its B/VI students. The collectionis heavily weighted toward science. There are a large number of aeronautical and biochemistry images. Copies of the images will be sold on anindividual basis.

3.      Jaap Breder; library. Web site:  This is a subscription service. Images are accepted from members and may therefore vary in quality.

4.      Lisa Yayla

5.      Provincial Resource Center for the visually Impaired; PRCVI. Web Site: http://www.prcvi.org/tactile-graphics.aspx This Canadian resource contains a library of over 1,100 Corelware drawings. The site also has links to instructional materials.

6.      Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB); National Tactile Diagram Collection. Web site:  This service is currently only available within the UK. Note the Metadata project site is: http://www.a11ymetadata.org/the-specification/live-examples/rnib-tactile-graphic-library/

7.      TAEVIS collection (See Independence Science)