DIAGRAM Outreach WG 16dec13.docx

DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group meeting – 16 December 2013



Robert Jaquiss, Brian MacDonald, Julie Noblitt, Jane Thompson


James Allan, Lore Schindler, Ting Siu, Laurie Vasquez, McKenzie Erickson, Natalie Shaheen


1.      Updates from DIAGRAM

a.     Web site refresh: nearing completion - expect to be able to migrate in Dec/Jan

b.     Video - on hold, but using information gathered to inform other materials such as home page and presentations.

c.      Webinars: overview of 2013 - nearly 400 people reached - about 1/3 publishers, 1/3 colleges/universities, 1/3 ATs from all over (gov't, museums, libraries, etc.)

i. Discussion: other types of engagement for 2014? Podcasts, for example? Only problem with podcasts is that they are one-way communication. Not sure about how often it's used. Webinars are nice because they allow interactivity with presenters. Also, office groups will set aside time to gather around a screen for a webinar - interactivity and discussion that way as well.

d.     Accessible Image Sample Book nearing completion - expect to launch in Dec/Jan. Ideas for outreach from WG:

i. Get info to AER conventions for TVIs

ii.                       Have everyone who can do so weave it into their presentations throughout the year

iii.                     Demo in booth at CSUN and ATIA? – speakers could then refer people to the booth to have a closer look

iv.                     Hold DIAGRAM webinar to give a tour of the book and ideas for use.

2.                 WG Updates

a.                 Article in Boston Herald today about National Braille Press's forthcoming prototype tablet for the blind with refreshable braille display, called "B2G-20" (Braille to Go) http://bostonherald.com/business/technology/technology_news/2013/12/tablet_solution_in_sight.  

b.                Very interesting work using electrostatic haptics is coming down the line. Brian MacDonald will write a brief DIAGRAM newsletter piece on what we might be able to expect in the future.

c.                 American Thermoform is targeting the blindness community and teachers for the 3D tactile graphics market - carrying the MakerBot, Cubex, and 2Bot printers. http://3dtactilegraphics.com/  

d.                APH announced Braille Blaster, the open-source braille production system http://www.brailleblaster.org/

3.                 Next meetings:

a.                 4th program year for DIAGRAM ends April 30, 2014. Will have 2 more WG meetings between now and then - likely end of January and beginning of April 2014.

b.                Schedule in progress for next DIAGRAM Advisory Board meeting (likely in January).

c.                 In-person DIAGRAM Community meeting likely at end of June 2014 in D.C. Area. Ideas for venues welcome.