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GoRead Release Cycle for a release candidate

\- Ask for user guide (Deanna) and push it

\- Last code change has been submitted via a pull request to the repo ([]) (Developer)

\- Code freeze

\- Increment the version code inside the build.gradle file and commit.  The version code needs to be incremented by 1.  Google play store will reject apk if it has same version code as what there now (Developer)

\- Initiate a jenkins build via: [] (Developer or Systems via new jira ticket)

\- Once the build is successful, the apk will be placed under [] (Developer)

\- Download the apk to your local drive (Developer)

\- Log into google play store developer console [|] (Developer)

\- Go the release management section \-> App releases \-> Manage Alpha \-> create release (Developer)

\- Upload the APK (Developer)

\- Alpha version is tested (QA Team)

\- GoRead play store landing page has been updated (Deanna or Ginny)

\- Create systems ticket to push alpha to live.  In order to create a chain of deployment jiras, the new jira must be cloned from the last deployment jira (example (Systems)