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GoRead Release Cycle for a release candidate

\- Last code change has been submitted via a pull request to the repo ([]) (Developer)

\- Ask for user guide (Deanna)

\- Code freeze

\- Increment the version code inside the build.gradle file and commit by itself.  The version code needs to be incremented by 1 to allow the apk to be pushed to the google play store.  (Developer)

\- Initiate a jenkins build via: [] (Developer or Systems via new jira ticket)

\- Once the build is successful, the apk will be placed under [] (Developer)

\- Download the apk to your local drive (Developer)

\- Log into google play store developer console ?? (Developer)

\- Go the release management section \-> App releases \-> Manage Alpha \-> create release (Developer)

\- Upload the APK (Developer)

\- Alpha version is tested (QA Team)

\- GoRead play store landing page has been updated (Deanna or Ginny)

\- Create systems ticket to push alpha to live (Systems)