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h1. These are the current projects that need volunteers

h5. Last updated on March 2, 2017

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*Digital LGBTQAI\+ Center*

| Organization Category | Social and Emotional Support for LGBTQAI\+ Youth |
| Organization Name | CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers, PFLAG, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America |
| About Us | The Digital LGBTQAI\+ Center will enable small groups of youth to join real time, chat based, facilitated support groups. Ideally at launch, our platform will have four components: \\
1. Onboarding mechanism to orient youth to the space and ensure them that it is safe.  \\
2. A simple website with links and referrals to appropriate resources. \\
3. Group chat functionality (off the shelf or open source, with some customization) \\
4. A mechanism to capture and store information about participants and their participation. \\ |
| Website | |
| Project Name | Digital LGBTQAI\+ Center (For fundraising until we have a name)\\
QChatSpace (Placeholder name, needs to be tested with youth) |
| Description | 1. In that joining a digital support group is not a typical digital behavior and since we know youth are very concerned about safety and privacy, we will have an onboarding process that collects key information about participants, asks for their agreement to the guidelines for the space, and then shows them the groups that are available to them. We do have wireframes that have been developed, but these have not been tested on users and they contain more indications of functionality than we might want with a minimum viable product..\\
Flow 1 (agreements displayed one-by-one)\\
With sitemap: []Without sitemap: []Flow 2 (agreements on one page)\\
With sitemap: []Without sitemap: []2. We need to identify group chat software for this project.\\
Identify existing group chat platforms\\
Review and update a list of needed and desired functionality with input from users (participants, facilitators, and administrators) (we will provide access to these people)\\
Determine which existing platforms can deliver on needed and desired functionality\\
Determine which platforms embrace industry security and privacy best practices\\
3. We need to develop a website or app that includes the onboarding and the chatting and enables us to maintain the information captured. |
| Time Estimation | 8 - 12 weeks at 5 - 10 hours per week |
| Skills Needed | I am not sure, but at minimum, I believe we would need\\
Product manager to help select the chat software\\
UX to ensure that youth will use it\\
Design to ensure that it is appealing to youth |
| Number of Volunteers Requested | 4-6 Engineers / Product Designers with a focus on Web Development, MySQL and UX Design for youth. |
| Specific Tasks | Key features to produce are:\\
Identification of group chat platform/software\\
Website or app to house the chat\\
Back end data capture |
| Links | (to be provided upon inquiry) |
| Contact | Deborah: |