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h3. Instructions for testing with AMIS and Acapela TTS

h5. Downloading DAISY reader and books
# *Download the free DAISY player from the DAISY consortium.* It's a Windows application called "AMIS", and it's available here: There's no Arabic version of the player itself, so you would download the English version. However, any version of the player should support Arabic books.
# *Download the evaluation version of an Arabic TTS produced by Acapela.* The evaluation version is available here: There are four Arabic voices offered, so you could pick whichever you like for testing. According to their site, the evaluation copy will only function for 60 minutes, after which you'd need to restart Windows to use it for another 60 minutes.
# *Download/Unzip the DAISY books and source RTF files.* The RTF's are the files from which the DAISY books are created. You can tell which RTF corresponds to which DAISY via the filename. To read the DAISY books in AMIS, you'll need to unzip them first.

h5. Performing the testing
# *Configure Windows text-to-speech.* In the Windows Control Panel, under "Ease of Access / Speech Recognition" change the "Text to Speech" settings such that the Arabic voice is the default.
# *Configure AMIS text-to-speech.* Launch AMIS. Under "File / Preferences" make sure the Arabic voice is the selected TTS voice.
# *Open DAISY book in AMIS.* In AMIS, "File / Open" and open the DAISY version of one of the books. To do so, find the file within the unzipped DAISY folder with the extension ".opf" and open it with AMIS.
# *Listen to the books.* Play the file in AMIS, and verify that you're really hearing Arabic as expected. The Arabic text will be rendered on the screen in AMIS. Also, compare the Arabic you're hearing with the text in the corresponding RTF, to make sure they match exactly. Note: there will be legalese in English at the beginning of each DAISY book. Feel free to ignore and skip over this text.

h3. Generic instructions for testing Arabic books (using any AT)
Answer the following questions:
* *Device / Player*
*# What device or software are you using to test the files?
*# Are you testing the DAISY file? The BRF file? Both?
* *Content* (answer these questions for each of the test books)
*# Compare the content in each RTF with the content in its respective DAISY and/or BRF. Are there any differences? If there are differences, give specific examples.
*# If your device or software renders the content visually, does it appear as legible Arabic?
* *Text-to-speech* (answer these questions for each of the test books)
*# When you listen to the file or read it with a Braille device, are there any characters or words that are mispronounced or misrepresented? Give specific examples.
*# Are pauses between words, sentences, and paragraphs natural and appropriate? Or are some too long or too short? If so, give specific examples.