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h2. Next Steps Related to Gates Accessibility Metadata Project{color:#000000} {color}

* Use [] with the same submitter we are using for Louis Plus Search

h2. Purpose

* To publish metadata and resource locators about educational books/textbooks in Bookshare into the Learning Registry
* To publish activity data, such as anonymous and aggregated usage statistics, to the Learning Registry

h2. Next Steps

* [Map Bookshare metadata available via Bookshare API to Learning Registry data model|BSO:LearningRegistry Bookshare Mapping]
* Decide which Bookshare books to include
** possible: []
** posible: []
* Create list of features to build for 10/31 milestone in GitHub issues list
* Set up a Benetech API for this project

h2. Technical / Development Considerations

* Built in Python
* Runs as a CRON job in Bookshare infrastructure
* Fork the code from LearningRegistry repo to Benetech Repo
* Use the GitHub issues list
* Google Group: [|]