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h1. 3.  Scan a book

          *\**  This main page,  "3. Scan a book", contains short summaries of instructions.
          *\**  More detailed instructions on each topic, as well as screenshots, can be found by clicking on
             each link that follows the phrase "Tell me more about:".

          [3.1  *Before you begin scanning*|#3_before_you_begin_scanning]\\

          [3.2  *Do searches before choosing a book to scan*|#3_do_searches_before_choosing_a_book_to_scan]\\

          [3.3  Using Assistive Technology software to scan|#3_using_assistive_technology_software_to_scan]\\

          [3.4  Get high quality scans|#3_get_high_quality_scans]\\

          [3.5  *Prepare the scan*|#3_prepare_the_scan]\\

          [3.6  *Scanning Checklist*|#3_scanning_checklist]\\

          [3.7  *How to upload (submit) your scan*|#3_how_to_upload_submit_your_scan]\\



h2. 3.1  Before you begin scanning

h3.         A.  Bookshare terminology

             {color:teal}*The Bookshare volunteer community:  Bookshare members, and non-members*{color}
             Though many hundreds of Bookshare volunteers are also Bookshare members, there is an
             important distinction:

             Bookshare {color:teal}*members*{color} are individuals with a qualifying print disability (such as blindness) who read
             books with a computer using Assistive Technology (AT).  Members receive unlimited access to
             accessible books, textbooks, newspapers and magazines in the collection.

             Some members also become volunteers.  Among the activities that volunteering members contribute
             are the scanning and proofreading of books, using AT devices and software (such as
             screenreaders).  Members are a particularly active and engaged core of the volunteer community!

             Most volunteers are not members and therefore cannot download books from our online library
             for the purposes of reading.

             {color:teal}*Who is a Submitter?*{color}
             When you scan a book, you are referred to as a {color:teal}*Submitter.*{color}
             When you upload your scan to Bookshare, you are {color:teal}*submitting your scan.*{color}

h3.         B.  Credits:  Read in Chapter 2 by following the link below:

             [{color:teal}*2.3  Credits for Bookshare Members*{color}|]

h3.         C.  Check your scanner settings

             There are two settings in the software that runs a scanner that are critical.  The first
             setting involves {color:teal}*Page Breaks,*{color} the second setting involves {color:teal}*Line Breaks.*{color}

             *Please make sure both settings are set correctly.*  The wording may be different in your

             1)  We {color:teal}*do*{color} want to preserve Page Breaks.
                  {color:teal}*Check*{color} the checkbox in your software to preserve Page Breaks.

             2)  We do {color:teal}*not*{color} want to preserve Line Breaks.
                  {color:teal}*Uncheck*{color} the checkbox in your software to preserve Line Breaks.

h3.         D.  Scan the book into an RTF file

             Your scan must be {color:teal}*saved*{color} in Rich Text Format (RTF).  Bookshare does not accept submissions
             in proprietary formats, so your scan must also be {color:teal}*submitted*{color} (uploaded to Bookshare) in RTF.

             Be sure the settings in your OCR software are set to output the file in RTF.
             By never changing the format of the file, it will be in the correct format to upload to Bookshare.

h3.         E.  Please remember:  You can't proofread a book that you have scanned

             Some volunteers scan books, some volunteers proofread books, and some do both.  The choice
             is yours!  {color:teal}*The only restriction is that you can't proofread a book that you have scanned.*{color}



h2. 3.2  Do searches before choosing a book to scan

h2.        {color:blue}Log in to,{color} using the email address you provided when you signed up.

        *A.  Search the Bookshare library  (aka 'the collection')*
             Use Bookshare's {color:teal}*Advanced Search*{color} by doing a  {color:teal}*Control + Click*{color}  on the link below to open a
             new window.  Then, this window will remain open to come back to after doing the search.

             [*Bookshare "Advanced Search"*|]\\

        *B.  Search "Books In Process"*
             Check the Books In Process pages to see if the book has already been submitted.  The link to
             Books In Process is on the Volunteer Home page is an area called "In This Section", or just
             {color:teal}*Control + Click*{color}  on the link below to open this page in a new window:

             [*Books In Process*|]


        *C.  Check "Volunteer Guidelines on Publishers"*
             Click the link below and check if the {color:teal}*publisher*{color} of your book, or an {color:teal}*imprint*{color} of this publisher, is
             marked *Do not use* on the list of partners providing digital books to Bookshare.  If they _are_
             marked "Do not use", you can expect the publisher's copy to displace your copy.

             [*Volunteer Guidelines on Publishers*|3.2 B. Volunteer Guidelines on Publishers]\\

             {color:gray}*The following street light analogy may help when considering which books are better*{color}
             {color:gray}*choices to scan or proofread:*{color}
             {color:gray}*\*  Red light:*{color}       These publishers are marked "Do not use" on Volunteer Guidelines on Publishers
                                       (the list above)
             {color:gray}*\*  Yellow light:*{color}    Marked "Caution":  Publishers with whom Bookshare is currently in
                                       negotiations with
             {color:gray}*\*  Green light:*{color}    Marked "Safe":  The volunteer-created list of safe and favorite publishers that are
                                       not a Red light or Yellow light.

        *D.  Search "Books being processed through Outsourcers and Publishers"*
             Search this list to see if the book you plan to work on is already being processed.  After clicking
             the link below to open the file, use the Search function in your web browser by doing a  {color:teal}*Ctrl + f .*{color}

             [*Books being processed through Outsourcers and Publishers*|3. Scan a book^3.0_2010-11-02_Bks processed thu Outsourcers and Pubs.txt]\\

        *E.  The New York Times top-ten list*
             *\-*  Bookshare will process in-house, books that are on the top-ten list of New York Times
                bestsellers (in the adult fiction and non-fiction categories).
             *\-*  If a book has been released in the past two weeks, volunteers should also consider whether
                or not it is likely to make the New York Times Best Seller List in the near future before
                scanning it.

        (i)  Tell me more about:    [*Do searches before choosing a book to scan*|3.2 Do searches before choosing a book to scan]\\

[Top of   *3. Scan a book*|#top_anypage|Top of "3. Scan a Book"]\\



h2. 3.3  Using [Assistive Technology|GLOSSARY#assistive_technology] software to scan

        Many hundreds of Bookshare volunteers are also *Bookshare Members:*  a particularly active and
        engaged core of the volunteer community who also have a print disability (such as blindness).

        Member volunteers use Assistive Technology (AT) devices and software in order to scan and
        sometimes also to proofread books.  A few examples of AT software used to scan and proofread are:
        Kurzweil 1000, OpenBook, JAWS, and Victor Reader Soft.

        {color:teal}*If you do not use Assistive Technology, please skip to the next section:*{color}
        [3.4  Get high quality scans|#3_get_high_quality_scans]

        [A.  Tips for scanning using Kurzweil 1000 software|3.3 A. Tips for scanning using Kurzweil 1000 software]\\
             _Contributed by Bookshare volunteer_  *{_}Mayrie ReNae{_}*

        [B.  Tips for scanning using ABBYY FineReader software|3.3 B. Tips for scanning using ABBYY FineReader software]\\
             _Contributed by Bookshare volunteer_  *{_}Donna Smith{_}*


h2. 3.4  Get high quality scans

        A.  Lay the book straight on the scanner

        B.  Press the book down flat to prevent losing words near the binding

        C.  Turn on "Two Page Scanning" when scanning two pages at once

        D.  Turn off "Columns" when scanning tables

        E.  Periodically clean the scanner glass  (the platten)

        (i)  Tell me more about:    [*Get high quality scans*|3.4 Get high quality scans]\\

[Top of   *3. Scan a book*|#top_anypage|Top of "3. Scan a Book"]\\


h2. 3.5  Prepare the scan

        A.  The file must contain the same number of breaks as pages in the original.
             *\-*  All the breaks in the file can be Section Breaks,
             *\-*  all the breaks in the file can be Page Breaks.

             *\-*  One per page:  The number of breaks in your file must be the same as the number of pages
                in the original book.

        B.  Do some clean up.  Check for:
             *\-*  garbled text or large chunks of junk characters,
             *\-*  missing pages or duplicate pages.

        C.  About pagination, including Blank Pages.  Reference these sections in Chapter 4:
             [{color:teal}*3)  Only remove illegible text if doing so does not affect the Page Numbering*{color}|4.2 B. 11. Important additional information#only_remove_illegible_text_if_doing_so_does_not_affect_the_page_numbering]\\


             [{color:teal}*5)  Don't remove Blank Pages if the Page Numbering will be affected*{color}|4.2 B. 11. Important additional information#don't_remove_blank_pages_if_the_page_numbering_will_be_affected]\\

        D.  Is everything there?  Check this section of Chapter 2 to see if your book is complete:

             [{color:teal}*H.  Books must be complete*{color}|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders#2_books_must_be_complete]

        (i)  Tell me more about:    [*Prepare the scan*|3.5 Prepare the scan]\\


h2. 3.6  Scanning Checklist

        A.  The file contains the title page, with the book title and the author's name.

        B.  The file contains the copyright page (or if not, that it is freely distributable, e.g. public domain or
             Creative Commons licensed).

        C.  The file has no missing pages and no duplicate pages.

        D.  Missing or garbled text has been replaced with the correct sentences or words from the original.

        E.  The file has page breaks or section breaks that correspond to the original (1 per page).

        F.  The file is in the format:  RTF.

        G.  The entire book is submitted in one file.


h2. 3.7  How to upload (_submit_) your scan

        A.  How to get to the Submit a Book page

        B.  Choose the file you will upload

        C.  Select the language(s)

        D.  Book Information:  Spellchecker,  AC,  quality,  ISBN

        E.  Book Information:  The main metadata page

        F.  Categorize this book

        G.  The Comments box

        H.  If you receive an error message when Submitting a book

        I.  Thank you for submitting a book!

        J.  See your scan in the Checkout List

        (i)  Tell me more about:    [*How to upload (submit) your scan*|3.7 How to upload (submit) your scan]\\



[Top of   *3. Scan a book*|#top_anypage|Top of "3. Scan a Book"]\\
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