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[*Table of Contents*|Scanning and Proofreading Manual|Table of Contents]
[1.  Introduction to volunteering|1. Introduction to volunteering]           [2.  Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders]             [3.  Scan a book|3. Scan a book]
[4.  Proofread a book|4. Proofread a book]                         [5.  The metadata|5. The metadata]              [6.  Extra reading|6. Extra reading]             [|]
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h2. *Bookshare Scanning and Proofreading Manual*

_*Your Guide to Volunteering with Bookshare*_

h2. *Table of Contents*

[*1.  Introduction to Volunteering*|1. Introduction to volunteering]
     [1.1  Welcome to volunteering with Bookshare|1. Introduction to volunteering#1_welcome_to_volunteering_with_bookshare]
     [1.2  The Bookshare volunteer community:  *Bookshare Members*  and  *non-Members*|1. Introduction to volunteering#1_the_bookshare_volunteer_community_bookshare_members_and_non-members]
     [1.3  How to use this manual|1. Introduction to volunteering#1_how_to_use_this_manual]

[*2.  Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders*|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders]
     [2.1  Overview of Submitting and Proofreading books|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders#2_overview_of_submitting_and_proofreading_books]
     [2.2  {color:teal}*Policy change:  Sharing files when doing volunteer work for Bookshare*{color}|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders#2_sharing_files_when_doing_volunteer_work_for_bookshare]
     [2.3  Credits for Bookshare Members|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders#2_credits_for_bookshare_members]
     [2.4  {color:teal}*To add or not to add:  Criteria that make a book eligible for*{color}|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders#2_criteria_that_make_a_book_eligible_for_bookshare_org]

[*3.  Scan a book*|3. Scan a book]
     [3.1  Before you begin scanning|3. Scan a book#3_before_you_begin_scanning]
     [3.2  Do searches as you choose a book to scan|3. Scan a book#3_do_searches_as_you_choose_a_book_to_scan]
     [3.3  Using Assistive Technology software to scan|3. Scan a book#3_using_assistive_technology_software_to_scan]
     [3.4  Get high quality scans|3.4 Get high quality scans]
     [3.5  Prepare the scan|3.5 Prepare the scan]\\
     [3.6  Scanning Checklist|3. Scan a book#3_scanning_checklist]\\
     [3.7  How to submit your scan|3.7 How to upload (submit) your scan]

[*4.  Proofread a Book*|4. Proofread a book]
     [4.1  Before you begin proofreading|4. Proofread a book#4_before_you_begin_proofreading]
     [4.2  Core proofreading instructions|4. Proofread a book#4_core_proofreading_instructions]
     [4.3  Using Assistive Technology software to proofread|4. Proofread a book#4_using_assistive_technology_software_to_proofread]
     [4.4  Renew your book in 60 seconds|4.4 Renew your book in 60 seconds]
     [4.5  Release a book|4.5 Release a book]
     [4.6  How to Check in your finished proof|4.6 How to Check in your finished proof]
     [4.7  After Check in|4.7 After Check in]
     [4.8  Advanced proofreading topics|4. Proofread a book#4_advanced_proofreading_topics]
     [4.9  Common word processing software used to proofread|4. Proofread a book#4_common_word_processing_software_used_to_proofread]

[*5.  The Metadata*|5. The metadata]
     [5.1  The ISBN number|5. The metadata#5_metadata_the_isbn_number]
     [5.2  Title|5. The metadata#5_metadata_title]
     [5.3  Author(s)|5. The metadata#5_metadata_authors]
     [5.4  Language(s)|5. The metadata#5_metadata_languages]
     [5.5  Quality|5. The metadata#5_metadata_quality]
     [5.6  Copyright holder|5. The metadata#5_metadata_copyright_holder]
     [5.7  Copyright date|5. The metadata#5_metadata_copyright_date]
     [5.8  Publisher|5. The metadata#5_metadata_publisher]
     [5.9  Brief synopsis|5. The metadata#5_metadata_brief_synopsis]
     [5.10  Complete synopsis  (aka:  Long synopsis)|5. The metadata#5_metadata_complete_synopsis_long_synopsis]
     [5.11  Number of pages|5. The metadata#5_metadata_number_of_pages]
     [5.12  Adult Content|5. The metadata#5_metadata_adult_content]
     [5.13  Categories|5. The metadata#5_metadata_categories]
     [5.14  The Comments box|5. The metadata#5_metadata_the_comments_box]

[*6.  Extra Reading*|6. Extra reading]
     [6.1  How to improve the quality of books in the collection|6. Extra reading#6_how_to_improve_the quality_of_books_in_the_collection]\\
           [A.  How to report a Book Quality issue|6. Extra reading#6_how_to_report_a_book_quality_issue]\\
           [B.  Add a  Better Scan Of  (BSO)  a book to the collection|6. Extra reading#6_add_a_better_scan_of_bso_a_book_to_the_collection]\\
     [6.2  The Volunteer Discussion List|6. Extra reading#6_the_volunteer_discussion_list]\\
     [6.3  AT training materials at the High Tech Center Training Unit|6. Extra reading#6_at_training_materials_at_the_high_tech_center_training_unit]\\
     [6.4  Find information on a  book series|6. Extra reading#6_find_information_on_a_book_series]\\
     [6.5  Legal information|6. Extra reading#6_legal_information]\\



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