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[Table of Contents|Scanning and Proofreading Manual|Table of Contents]
[1.  Introduction to Volunteering|1. Introduction to Volunteering]          [2.  What Bookshare Volunteers Should Know|2. What Bookshare Volunteers Should Know]            [3.  Scan a Book|3. Scan a Book]
[4.  Proofread a Book|4. Proofread a Book]                        [5.  The Metadata|5. The Metadata]              [6.  Extra Reading|6. Extra Reading]              [|]

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h2. *Bookshare Scanning and Proofreading Manual*

h3. _Your Guide to Volunteering with Bookshare_

h2. *Table of Contents*

h3. [1.  Introduction to Volunteering|1. Introduction to Volunteering]

* [1.1  Welcome to volunteering with Bookshare|1. Introduction to Volunteering#welcome]
* [1.2  How to use this manual|1. Introduction to Volunteering#manual_howto]

h3. [2.  What Bookshare Volunteers Should Know|2. What Bookshare Volunteers Should Know]

* [2.1  Overview of the Volunteer Process|2. What Bookshare Volunteers Should Know#overview]
* [2.2  Where to start as a volunteer|2. What Bookshare Volunteers Should Know#vol_start]
* [2.3  How Credits work|2. What Bookshare Volunteers Should Know#credits]
* [2.4  Criteria that make a book eligible for|2. What Bookshare Volunteers Should Know#book_eligibility]

h3. [3.  Scan a book|3. Scan a Book]

* [3.1  *Quick Link:  Search the Outsourcer & Publisher Titles Master List*|3. Scan a Book^Outsourcer & Publisher Titles Master List.txt]
* [3.2  *Choosing a book* to scan|3.2 Choosing a book to scan]
* [3.3  Scanning the book into an *RTF* file|3. Scan a Book#3_scanning_into_rtf]
* [3.4  *Cleaning up* your scan|3.3 Cleaning up your scan]
* [3.5  *Scanning Checklist*|3. Scan a Book#3_scanning_checklist]
* [3.6  *Submitting* your scan|3.6 Submitting your scan]
* [3.7  Getting high quality scans using common scanning software|3. Scan a Book#3_getting high quality scans]

h3. [4.  Proofread a Book|4. Proofread a Book]

* [4.1  Before you begin proofreading|4. Proofread a Book#4_before_proofreading]
* [4.2  *Core proofreading instructions*|4. Proofread a Book#4_core_proofreading_instructions]
* [4.3  *Renew your book in 60 seconds*|4.3 Renew your book in 60 seconds]
* [4.4  *Release* a book|4.4 Release a book]
* [4.5  How to *Check in* your finished proof|4.5 How to Check in your finished proof]
* [4.6  *After* Check in|4.6 After Check in]
* [4.7  Common word processing software used to proofread|4. Proofread a Book#4_common_word_processing_sw]
* [4.8  Advanced proofreading topics|4. Proofread a Book#4_advanced_proofreading_topics]

h3. [5.  The Metadata|5. The Metadata]

* [5.1  ISBN|5. The Metadata#metadata_isbn]
* [5.2  Title|5. The Metadata#metadata_title]
* [5.3  Author(s)|5. The Metadata#metadata_author]
* [5.4  Copyright holder|5. The Metadata#copyright_holder]
* [5.5  Copyright date|5. The Metadata#copyright_date]
* [5.6  Brief synopsis|5. The Metadata#brief_synopsis]
* [5.7  Long synopsis|5. The Metadata#long_synopsis]
* [5.8  Comments|5. The Metadata#metadata_comments]
* [5.9  Guidelines for marking books "Adult"|5. The Metadata#marking_adult]

h3. [6.  Extra Reading|6. Extra Reading]

* [6.1  Additional sources of AT training materials|6. Extra Reading#htctu_manuals]
* [6.2  Finding information on a Book Series|6. Extra Reading#finding_info]
* [6.3  Standardized proofreading guidelines|6. Extra Reading#standardized_guidelines]
* [6.4  Improving the quality of books in the library|6. Extra Reading#improving_bq]
* [6.5  The Volunteer Discussion List|6. Extra Reading#vol_discussion]
* [6.6  Legal information|6. Extra Reading#legal_info]\\


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