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h1. 1.  Introduction to volunteering

          [1.1  Welcome to volunteering with Bookshare|#1_welcome_to_volunteering_with_bookshare]

          [1.2  The Bookshare volunteer community:  *Members*  and  *non-Members*|#1_members_and_non-members]

          [1.3  How to use this manual|#1_how_to_use_this_manual]


h2. 1.1  Welcome to volunteering with Bookshare

        Welcome to the Bookshare volunteer community\!  For anyone who loves books and is interested in
        making a difference, volunteering with Bookshare can be a rich and rewarding experience.  Our
        volunteers come from all walks of life:  among them are grandmothers, teachers, engineers, students,
        artists and avid bibliophiles.  Together you help grow Bookshare's library of accessible books for
        print-disabled individuals.


h2. 1.2  The Bookshare volunteer community:  Members and non-members

        Though many hundreds of Bookshare volunteers are also Bookshare members, there is an important

        Bookshare {color:teal}{*}members{*}{color} are individuals with a qualifying print disability (such as blindness) who read
        books with a computer using Assistive Technology (AT).  Only members receive access to
        accessible books, textbooks, newspapers and magazines in the collection.

        Some members also become volunteers.  It is important to note that many volunteers are not members and therefore do not have access to books in our collection.

        *To read about Bookshare Membership,* click the link below to visit the 

        [*Membership Overview page on the website*|]


h2. 1.3  How to use this manual

        Bookshare offers a variety of volunteering opportunities.  This manual describes two of the principal
        activities:  scanning books, and proofreading these scans.

        We recommend all volunteers read through this manual before beginning their volunteering work.

        *\-*  You can navigate to a *chapter* you are interested in, from a set of links that are at both the top
           and the bottom of each page.

        *\-*  To find find information on a particular page, *use the search function of your web browser.*
           Using the keystroke combination  {color:blue}{*}Ctrl  \+  f{*}{color}  brings up this search function in most web browsers.

        Below is a brief outline of the contents of each chapter:

        Chapter  *1.  Introduction to volunteering*  is the chapter you are now reading and contains a
                      welcome message for new volunteers, tips on how to use this manual and below, a brief
                      outline of each chapter.

        Chapter  [*2.  Topics for both Submitters and Proofreaders*|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders]  contains a brief explanation of the
                      steps involved in adding a book to the library, so you may choose which volunteering
                      activity suits you best.  Included are important criteria that make a book eligible for
                      Bookshare's collection, as well as information on credits for Bookshare Members.

        Chapter  [*3.  Scan a book*|3. Scan a book]  contains detailed instructions on what to do if you choose to volunteer
                      as a  {color:blue}{*}Submitter:*{color}  a person who scans books and submits those scans to Bookshare.

        Chapter  [*4.  Proofread a book*|4. Proofread a book]  contains detailed instructions on what to do if you choose to
                      volunteer as a  {color:blue}{*}Proofreader:*{color}  a person who proofreads the scans of books that have been
                      done by Submitters.

        Chapter  [*5.  The metadata*|5. The metadata]  is used by {color:blue}{*}both Submitters and Proofreaders,*{color} and describes how to
                      fill out the metadata fields.  These fields are encountered when a Submitter uploads a
                      raw scan of a book, and also when a Proofreader uploads their finished proof of a book.

        Chapter  [*6.  Extra reading*|6. Extra reading]  describes how to report a Book Quality issue, how to submit a Better Scan
                      Of (BSO) a book, how to join the Volunteer Discussion List, and contains information on AT
                      training materials, book series, and Bookshare legalities.

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