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h1. 4.7  After Check in

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              [1)  *Save your emails*|#save_your_emails]\\
              [2)  IMPORTANT:  *To the Submitter*  versus  *To the Proofreader*|#important_to_the_submitter_versus_proofreader]\\
              [3)  What gets checked?|#what_gets_checked]\\
              [4)  Reasons a book may be "removed from the system"|#reasons_a_book_may_be_removed_from_the_system]\\


h2. 1)  Save your emails

       In most cases, you'll receive an email within a week indicating the outcome of your proofreading.
       You'll receive one of the emails below, which we'll list here starting with the best news...

| Title of email: | *"A book you validated has been accepted by Bookshare"* |
| Description: | A book you proofread has just gone live into the collection\! |
| Steps to take:  | A.  Select a favorite food. |
| | B.  Select a favorite drink. |
| | C.  Eat, drink, and do a Happy Dance\! |
| | |
| Title of email: | *"Your book has been marked for more editing"* |
| Description: | A Bookshare administrator is requesting that more editing be done on this book. |
| Steps to take:  | A.  {color:teal}*Save this email,*{color} or the information in it.  It contains comments from the |
| |       administrator to help you do the necessary editing to finish proofreading this book. |
| | B.  Rename or delete the older version still on your computer. |
| | C.  Go to the  {color:blue}*Checkout List*{color}  and  {color:blue}*Check out*{color}  (download) this book, just as before. |
| | D.  Be careful what name you give to this file, so it can be easily distinguished from |
| |       an older version, if one exists.  |
| | E.  Work only on this latest version.|
| | F.  Make the changes requested in the email you received. |
| | G.  {color:blue}*Check in*{color}  your proof, as before. |
| | H.  {color:teal}*Please notify us*{color} if you won't be able to finish editing this book.  Thank you! |
| | |
| Title of email: | *"Status of the book you submitted to Bookshare"* |
| Description: | A book you worked on was removed from the system by a Bookshare administrator. |
| | The administrator will provide a reason for this, and perhaps suggest a course of action. |

       A more complete list of automated emails one may receive is at:

       [4.1 D. Automated emails you may receive, and steps to take|4.1 D. Automated emails you may receive, and steps to take]\\


h2. 2)  IMPORTANT:  "To the Submitter"  versus  "To the Proofreader"

      When a book is "returned for more editing" to the Checkout List, an automated email is sent to *both*
      the Submitter (the person who scanned the book) and the Proofreader of the book.  This is done
      so all may know the book's status as it moves through Bookshare's "book pipeline".

      In this email, a Bookshare administrator has the opportunity to write the reason(s) that the book was
      returned for more editing.

      {color:blue}*Because the email is sent to both people who have worked on the book, the Bookshare*{color}
      {color:blue}*administrator will deliberately preface their comments by writing +who+ the comments are*{color}
      {color:blue}*intended for.*{color}

      *How will the administrator do that?*

      *"To the Submitter:*  Please make this change..."
      If the Proofreader is not mentioned, these comments are for the Submitter, _only\!_  If you are
      the Proofreader of this book, you don't need to do anything\!  This email is just for your information.

      *"To the Proofreader:"*  Please make that change..."
      Likewise, if the Submitter is not mentioned, these comments are for the Proofreader, _only\!_  If
      you are the Submitter of this book, _you_ don't need to do anything\!  This email is just for your
      information, too.


h2. 3)  What gets checked?

       When reviewing books, a Bookshare administrator will check that:

       *\**  The book is not already in the library, or if it is, that there is a valid reason for replacing it.

       *\**  The book meets the  [Criteria that make a book eligible for|2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders#2_criteria_that_make_a_book_eligible_for_bookshare_org]  described in Chapter 2.

       *\**  The book's metadata has been entered according to the guidelines in Chapter  [5. The Metadata|5. The Metadata].

       *\**  Any issues which were discovered in a previous review, have now been resolved.

       The Administrator will also review the specific _Comments_ about this book, written either by the
       Submitter or the Proofreader, or by both.

       After reviewing the above, the administrator will do one of the following:

       *A.  Add the book to the library\!*


       *B.  Return the book to the Checkout List for more editing:*

            Which copy will be returned to the Checkout List?

            *\-*  Usually the copy which has just been proofread will be returned to the Checkout List.
            *\-*  In some cases, the original scan will be returned back to the Checkout List.  Something
               happened during proofreading which cannot be reversed, or cannot be fixed in a timely
               manner.  The book should be proofread from scratch.


       *C.  Reject this book.*

       When a book is returned to the Checkout List for more editing, the volunteer best able to make the
       necessary corrections will check out the book, and check it back in after making the corrections.


h2. 4)  Reasons a book may be "removed from the system"

       A.  Something happened during proofreading that unfortunately cannot be reversed, such as the
            accidental deleting of many Page Breaks (or Section Breaks) in the book.

            The only way to fix such a file would be check each page break against the original book to
            see exactly where each page ended and the next page began, then insert those page breaks
            that were missing.  In such cases it's really best to cut one's losses and start proofreading
            from scratch, using the original scan again.

       B.  Another reason might be that the scan was not done correctly to begin with, such as having
            Paragraph Marks at the end of every single line throughout the book.

            Bookshare software does a number of checks when a scan is uploaded, but some aspects
            cannot be checked because that same aspect could indicate a _normal scan_ in some
            cases, but an _unusable scan_ in others.

            An example of this would be that having Paragraph Marks at the ends of many lines in a book
            of poetry or prose, would be an acceptable scan.  But in perhaps all other books, this would
            indicate an incorrect setting in the OCR software when the book was 'scanned', and such a
            scan cannot be proofed\!


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