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Web Reader/Readium - Universal cross-platform Accessible Reading System

An open source EPUB3 reader for web browsers

We need to replace BookShare's Web Reader (currently based on an early prototype of Readium) with the latest Readium code but to do that we need to add the enhancements made to the forked version of Readium and bring these enhancements (such as TTS with Highlighting) back into Readium.

Skills / Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script, EPUB3

Other possibilities:

  • Make Bookshare Web Reader more mobile-friendly: it works now somewhat on iPad but we could do more for phones other devices
  • A11Y features such as annotations.  
  • Possible UI/UX (workflow) based on EPUB's non-linear spine items for off-page element for alternative image descriptions (long description, simplified description, tactile representation, 3D model with tour)   

A student will use the latest agile methodology including; pair programming, scrum and sprints.  

More Information

  • Readium Project: Readium is an open source library for handling EPUB documents and viewing them in a browser..
  • Web Reader: Bookshare's HTML browser based reader of EPUB documents. 

Accessible Math for the Blind and Vision Impaired - MathML Cloud

  1. MathMLCloud:
    1. support for Nemeth
    2. Integration with Poet
    3. More input methods: voice, handwriting, virtual keyboard, etc. 
  2. Math OCR: both categorization/classification and then transcription; integrate some existing open source around this area

(BELOW was 2014 description)

MathML Cloud seeks to make mathematics on the web and inside eBooks/eTextbooks accessible to people who are blind or have vision impairments. Today math accessibility is hampered by limited support of MathML rendering in browsers and eBook reading systems. Furthermore, limited options exist for making math accessible via Text-to-Speech (TTS), particularly in eBooks.

Development of MathML Cloud will be based on the current svgtex (aka Mathoid) project (https://github.com/physikerwelt/mathoid) and will include integration of Google's open source ChromeVox project which provides utilities to convert MathML to TTS ready text (https://code.google.com/p/google-axs-chrome/source/browse/#svn%2Ftrunk%2Fchromevox). To learn about MathML Cloud more visit: http://tinyurl.com/mathml-cloud-edupub.

Students are not expected to contribute to the development of the core MathML Cloud project, instead we would like GSoC students to create integrations between MathML Cloud and existing open source content management systems, such as Wordpress, extend the capabilities of MathML Cloud or develop mobile tools to help convert existing inaccessible images of mathematics into ones that are described and provide access to the source MathML. More details are below:

More information on svgtex:

Bookshare as an App

in the post-Read2Go world and as more of our members go through an app, start conceiving and prototyping Bookshare as a native app

Enhancements to Go Read Android eBook Reader for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Go Read is the premier app on Android for Blind and Vision Impaired readers. It integrates tightly with Benetech's Bookshare - the largest library of accessible eBooks for people with print disabilities, which serves over 275K members worldwide.

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