Meeting Notes - May 13, 2013

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DIAGRAM Outreach Working Group

Notes from conference call held Monday May 13, 2013 at 11 a.m. Pacific time

Present: Julie Noblitt, Brian MacDonald, Robert Jaquiss, McKenzie Erickson, Natalie Shaheen, Ting Siu, Laurie Vasquez, Jim Allan, Penny Rosenblum

Regrets: Anh Bui, Lore Schindler, Jane Thompson

  1. Welcome, roll call, introduction of new member, Natalie Shaheen (NFB)
  2. Welcome guest Penny Rosenblum (Univ of AZ)
  3. Review of last meeting’s outcomes  
    1. Laurie Vasquez used the DIAGRAM slides and talking points in a presentation to alternate media specialists from across the state and requested feedback, which she will share.
    2. Gaeir Dietrich, Director of the High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges was very interested in DIAGRAM initiatives.
    3. New business & lookahead to next quarter
      1. Discussion of Berkeley Library commitment to 5-day turnaround on accessible materials. Likely that they are doing this internally though not clear what the process is. We hear they serve 25-30 visually impaired patrons and 3-4 Braille readers. Hiring extra staff in alt media.
      2. New training video has been added to DIAGRAM Training Resources page: “Best Practices for Integrating Accessible Images into Ebooks and DTBs” Feel free to share the link with anyone who may be interested:
      3. Robert Jaquiss created a well-structured accessible Word version of our PowerPoint slide set. Thank you Robert! Slidesets and talking points are available on our WG wiki site at [|]
      4. DIAGRAM working on new video designed to set context for DIAGRAM work. Will seek input from WG and a variety of stakeholders. Important decisions include:
        1. Target audience: whole world? Teachers? Policy-makers? Content creators?
        2. At what level of understanding to do we need to start? What is accessibility anyway? – Ex ”The jobs kiosk is accessible – it’s available in every grocery store in the state”; “Oh, you work with the deaf – can you read Braille?”; “Oh, you work with the blind – do you know sign language?”
        3. Length: Shorter is usually better, but if the video is very compelling then going to 4-5 minutes might be ok. Idea of a longer video broken into chapters that could be show separately. Feasibility?
        4. Call to action: What is the one thing we hope people will do after seeing the video?
        5. Want this to be a compelling story that conveys what need we are filling – want viewers to have an “aha” moment re: what DIAGRAM is trying to do and how all our initiatives are related.
  1. Action Items:
    1. Laurie, let Julie know if there is more information we can send to Gaeir Dietrich.
    2. Laurie will send feedback on DIAGRAM slide set and talking points from alt media specialists
    3. Ting will send info about new Berkeley Libraries accessibility initiative.
    4. Brian will send links to good outreach videos from NBP
    5. Julie will keep WG apprised of progress on video. Look for upcoming survey for input
    6. ALL: Please add your ideas, comments, and links to examples of great overview videos by commenting on Ting’s thread “Video Storyboard” on the wiki site at  Log in first so that we can see who is commenting. (Let me know if you need a reminder of what your username/password is.)
  2. Next meeting: August 2013 – Date TBD – Julie will send Doodle to schedule.

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