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Storytelling approach to provide context for accessibility, and call to action by policymakers and content providers.

Idea #1: Series of montages throughout a student's school career told from a student's perspective. Each of these scenarios come from my own teaching experiences, and could illustrate the need for true accessibility. This expression from the student could be very powerful.


  • Scene 1 - Open with a girl in elementary school, in class sitting next to a peer who is working on a lesson on the computer. The peer is clicking away, and the girl sits doing nothing. You hear her voice expressing the thought, "I wish I could do this lesson on the computer too"
  • Scene 2 - In middle school, the girl sits in math class listening as the teacher draws geometric shapes and graphs on the board. The students follow along in working groups at their desk. The girl sits isolated with an assistant who is showing her a tactile of the shape that has been made for her. The voice expresses the thought, "I wish I could be working with my friends"
  • Scene 3 - In high school, the girl is seen waiting for her parents to get home from work, then being put off because the parent needs to make dinner, then manage work emails, then get the other siblings settled for bed. Finally, her parents can help her with her homework by explaining the pictures in her chemistry textbook. Her voice expresses the thought, "I wish I could do my homework by myself instead of bothering my parents every night, and staying up until midnight to do my reading".
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  1. May 13, 2013

    Julie Noblitt says:

    Thank you Ting - great ideas! Keep 'em coming!

    Thank you Ting - great ideas! Keep 'em coming!

    1. Anonymous replies:

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