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Thank you for being a Beta tester for Bookshare's new EPUB3 format!

Directions for Downloading EPUB3 books using iBooks

  1. Select a book to download from the list of Titles that can be downloaded in EPUB3 format
  2. Click on the link on the title of the selected book, which will take you to the Title Info page on Bookshare
  3. Use the dropdown list to choose the EPUB3 format
  4. Click on the download button to initiate the packaging of this book
  5. Wait for the email indicating that this book is available for download, or look at the My History page at a later time to see if the packaging is still "In Progress" or is "Available" for download
  6. Once available, retrieve the EPUB3 files by clicking the "Available" link
    1. You may always retrieve it again or onto a different device, if the link now says "Downloaded"
  7. After clicking on "Available" link, message will be displayed that either "Choose a Reader" or "Open in iBooks". 
  8. Open a book in iBooks.

Providing Feedback for EPUB3 Titles

In order to receive volunteer credit, but also to ensure that your feedback is heard, you must complete the feedback survey.  Please complete it for each title that you test out.

EPUB3 Pilot Feedback Survey

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