Scanning and Proofreading Manual

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[*Table of Contents*]
1.  Introduction to volunteering           2.  Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders             3.  Scan a book
4.  Proofread a book                         5.  The metadata              6.  Extra reading   

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Bookshare Scanning and Proofreading Manual

Your Guide to Volunteering with Bookshare

Table of Contents

*  1.  Introduction to Volunteering

        1.1  Welcome to volunteering with Bookshare
        1.2  How to use this manual

*  2.  Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders

        2.1  Overview of Submitting and Proofreading
        2.2  Policy change:  Sharing files when doing volunteer work for Bookshare
        2.3  How Credits work
        2.4  To add or not to add:  Criteria that make a book eligible for

*  3.  Scan a book

        3.1  Choosing a book to scan
        3.2  Scanning the book into an RTF file
        3.3  Scanning using Assistive Technology software
        3.4  Get high quality scans
        [3.5  Cleaning up your scan]
        3.6  Scanning Checklist
        [3.7  How to submit your scan]

*  4.  Proofread a Book

        4.1  Before you begin proofreading
        4.2  Core proofreading instructions
        [4.3  *Renew your book in 60 seconds*]
        [4.4  Release a book]
        [4.5  *How to Check in* your finished proof]
        [4.6  After Check in]
        4.7  Common word processing software used to proofread
        4.8  Advanced proofreading topics

*  5.  The Metadata

        5.1  The ISBN number
        5.2  Title
        5.3  Author(s)
        5.4  Copyright holder
        5.5  Copyright date
        5.6  The Brief synopsis
        5.7  The Long synopsis
        5.8  The Comments box
        5.9  Guidelines for marking books "Adult"

*  6.  Extra Reading

        6.1  How to improve the quality of books in the library
              A.  How to report a Book Quality issue
              B.  How to submit a  Better Scan Of  (BSO)

        6.2  The Volunteer Discussion List

        6.3  Additional sources of  AT training materials

        6.4  Finding information on a  book series

        6.5  Legal information


[Top of   *Table of Contents*]
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