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h2. Access Required

In order to be able to develop code for AIRR , accesses for the following URLs need to be available.
* Need to have User added in
* SSH key
* (not right now but probably at a later point in time to have more admin controls)
* being able to SFTP into the site

h2. Process
Confirm you have access to sftp by running below command:
sftp -P 2222 username@

Password will have to be input , and then should observe the following:

This ensures that when we have the need to sftp any files into the server we have a way of doing it.
wpengine uses git vs. github. This means we don't have any available GUI to go along and are restricted to doing things commandline. From looking at the links in the references below, SourceTree seems to be an option.
git clone
You will need to have your ssh key in place to be able to complete the above command successfully.

h2. References