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| _Fiction_ | *Sins* | Judith Gould | As a child in Nazi-occupied France, seven-year-old Hélène Junot witnessed the brutal murder, rape and violence that tore her family apart and left her orphaned. Vowing to repay the sins visited upon her family seven-fold, she swore vengeance \-\- and throughout the tumultuous decades that followed, committed her own share of sins as she ruthlessly built a fashion empire and clawed her way to the top, climbing to the peaks of glamourous international society, money and power. But vengeance can carry a price all its own. Relentlessly pursued by more than her share of wrathful enemies \--all of whom have personal reasons to destroy, or even kill her \--she discovers that love is a far more powerful potion than retribution and that it is the only salvation that can make her life whole. |
| _Fiction_ | *So Many Partings* | Cathy Cash Spellman | Ireland, 1874. In a small whitewashed cottage on the grounds of a great estate, a baby boy is born. His name is Tom Dalton. He is the son of an Irish peasant and her aristocratic lover. And so begins the story of a family whose past is deeply rooted in the turbulence of Irish history but who thrive and flourish in the America of the twentieth century. From the poverty of the Irish immigrant to the wealth of the self-made man; from the sorrows of a young boy, deserted by fortune and family, to the triumph of a patriarch capable of outwitting Fate itself \-\- this is the story of Thomas Dalton and the women who touch his life. |
| _Western, Fiction_ | *The Best Western Stories of Ernest Haycox* | Ernest Haycox | Mighty tales of a violent, bloody land and the men and women who fought, loved and died for it, here in one big book, by one of the world's master storytellers. |
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| _Fiction_ | *The Lion’s Way* | Lewis Orde | This is the compelling saga of men and women torn between family and tradition, ambition and fame, passion and need ... a story of the troubled and talented Daniel Kirshbaum, whose struggle to rise above his poor immigrant heritage becomes the driving force in his life. It is a tapestry of lives interwoven and intermingled, a world of glamor and ghettos, crime and passion, love and hate, war and peace, triumphs and tears \-\- and above all, of one man's unrelenting determination to survive ... an all-consuming saga that spans four generations in the life of a fascinating, gifted man, and the remarkable women who enriched his world. |
| _Fiction_ | *Star Songs of an Old Primate* | James Tiptree, Jr. | When Ian Suitlov and Pax Patton landed on Esthaa to check for humans, the job wasn’t as easy as it appeared. Through the natives seemed human enough, only cross-breeding would be conclusive proof. But how were they to prove anything, when sex was punishable by death… |