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Hans Holzer, renowned parapsychologist and author of several best-selling books on the supernatural, earned his world-wide reputation as a phantom sleuth by proving the presence of ghosts, as well as by chasing them from their favorite haunts and exposing cranks and frauds.

*The Resilient Warrior*

Jerry Yellin


{color:#333333}{*}It has been said that the only warriors who do not suffer after combat are those who were killed.*{color}{color:#333333} I cannot attest to that for all battle tested warriors but I certainly can for one---me. Some years ago a young, 13 year old eighth grade student from the Fairfield, Iowa Middle School once asked me, "Were you wounded in the war?{color}

*River of Dreams*

Dhompa's potent suite of poems elucidates the humanness and adversities of the Tibetan diaspora. You enter the immigrant girl-child's bifurcated world, coming and going, language to language, culture to culture, from childhood to sexuality. A lovely explication of 'dharma---things as they are, and how precious they are, no special pleading


Eugenia Price


Savannah. A city as elegant and sensuous as a woman's love, where the Old South and the high seas meet; where a young man's dreams and a mature woman's desires entwine in a love that threatens everything a great family has built. A novel with the grandeur of _Gone with the Wind_, a magnificent story of rapture and destiny in the splendor that was our South...

*Science and Wisdom*