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*# mediaFeature as the old name for all three classes, and we describe them in sets
* We did not reach a consensus on the choices above and I need to have something to go forward with. I will change the specification to reflect #4, mediaFeature. We did, however, all seem to have some degree of affinity to accessFeature, which may have been its original name before the change to mediaFeature. I'll add this to the agenda for the next meeting, but it's going to be a simple up/down discussion (I'll note that we started as "hasFeature," then moved to "adaptationFeature" and then settled on "mediaFeature"). The good news is that the suggestion of accessFeature IS a new one, but I'd be willing to say that, if it changes at all, this will be the last time we ever change.
* We concluded that haptic, as an access mode, was actually a refinement of tactile, and was not a mediaFeature. It's being moved up to this new place (although I'll admit that tactile.haptic does not fit the syntax that AfA has used for refinements).
* We discussed enhancedAudio and decided that it, and the three attributes were good and should be adopted. Note that the basic concepts come from WCAG 2.0 section 1.4
** /noBackground