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If you've not marked up your content with the process can be more daunting. lays out a very large number of potential properties, and you need to have a rudimentary start at microdata tagging to add the accessibility microdata tags. I especially like the answer that put in their [FAQ to the question "Do I have to mark up every property?"|]&nbsp;The answer was "It is fine to mark up only some properties of an item - markup is not an all-or-nothing choice. However, marking up as much content as possible helps search engines use your information to present your page to users in the most useful way. As a general rule, you should mark up only the content that is visible to people who visit the web page and not content in hidden div's or other hidden page elements." This is great guidance, even though accessibility properties will often not be visible on the page and you have to do <meta> tags. also has a very useful ["getting started" page|] that describes how to use the information. It gives an overall view, while this document [and its children|Tips for authoring Microdata] and our somewhat more technical [best practices guide V.6|]&nbsp;and other information on the [resources page|] give more specific accessibility tagging guidance.

Note that this page still refers to the property names and values for the .6 version of the specification. We'll only update this page only if there is demand.

h2. Properties Preface