DIAGRAM Subcontract Ideas for 2013

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# Tools for creating accessible image widgets: collect and gather, hackathon?
# Tools such as the GLANCES project proposed by SKERI for image classification.  See Glances Project below.
# Conversion of 2D SVG graphics into files that can printed with 3D printers.  The 3D printing market is continuing to grow and [solutions are arising for print on demand|http://techcrunch.com/2013/02/25/makexyz-helps-you-find-an-idle-3d-printer-near-you] when you don't have your own printer.  An end-to-end solution involving Poet for creating/attaching SVG alternatives that have tour elements for audio description using the content model would be fantastic.  This can tie to the item below and Lore's idea of CAD skilled students volunteering to create 3D / SVG alternatives.:
## [https://www.dropbox.com/s/vbm9127ds0f8xw6/3D%20to%20Image%20File%20Crowd-Source.doc?n=62631409]
# Using increasingly cheaper gesture recognition technology, such [Leap Motion|https://www.leapmotion.com/] ($80) and Microsoft Kinect, to track a BVI user's hand and fingers as they explore a tactile graphic and provide an audio description/tour. (Bruce: Leap doesn't work well for tracking fingers on a touch screen)
# Building sonification into Benetech [web based version of MathTrax|http://math.staging.bookshare.org/] through use of the HTML5 Web Audio API or other simpler mechanisms that leverage the existing server generation of the audio files.  It would be good to see this web-based MathTrax linked to the sample book project.