2. Topics for Submitters and Proofreaders

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         {color:teal}{*}You decide whether you prefer to scan or proofread.  Some volunteers enjoy doing both\!*{color}
         {color:teal}{*}The choice is entirely up to you.*{color}

         {color:teal}{*}{_}The only condition is that you can't proofread your own scans._{*}{color}  Review by more than one
         person ensures that books are of high quality when they enter the library.

         1)  If you choose to be a *Submitter*, you would scan a book, and then:
check that there is one section break per page

      - check that there is one section break or page break per page
              *\-*  check for missing and/or duplicate pages
              *\-*  check for large blocks of garbled text, common scanning errors, jumbled characters, etc.
              *\-*  submit the corrected file to Bookshare.org in the format RTF (Rich Text Format).

              Your scan will then be added to a list of books waiting to be proofread\!



        Occasionally, there is a need for portions of books to be exchanged between volunteers.  This most
        often occurs between a translator and a proofreader, when a sighted and a blind volunteer team up,
        or when often occurs when a scan contains numerous errors and the proofreader does not have access to the physical
        book.  We are changing our policy slightly to permit a limited exchange of material directly between
        two Bookshare volunteers (both in good standing:  current, having agreed to the Volunteer

        If there is ever any question about these areas, please feel free to reach out to the Volunteer
        Coordinator.  We want the Bookshare volunteer experience to be rewarding\!



        Bookshare Member who is not able to afford a membership.  To do this, follow the link below and
        please provide:
              1)  {color:teal}{*}the exact name*{color} name{*}{color}  of the Bookshare member you wish to donate to, and
              2)  {color:teal}{*}the exact amount,*{color} in dollars and cents, you wish to donate

              [Bookshare Volunteer Coordinator|http://catalog.bookshare.org/contactUs?sendInfoOn=Volunteering]


h2. 2.4  To add or not to add:  Criteria that make a book eligible for Bookshare.org

        {color:teal}{*}In order to comply with copyright law,*{color} books must meet the following requirements before they can
        be added to the library:

        [A.  Must contain both copyright holder and copyright date|#2_must_contain_both_copyright_holder_and_copyright_date]
        [B.  Cannot be copyrighted dramatic works|#2_cannot_be_copyrighted_dramatic_works]
        [C.  Cannot be proprietary digital books, Ebooks, or obtained in breach of contract, or illegally|#2_cannot_be_proprietary_digital_books_or_obtained_in_breach_of_contract_or_illegally]
        [D.  Cannot be standardized testing materials|#2_cannot_be_standardized_testing_materials]

        {color:teal}{*}It is Bookshare's policy{*}{color} that books also meet the following requirements in order for them to be
        added to the library:

        [E.  Must not already be in the library, or must be of higher quality than the current version|#2_must_not_already_be_in_library_or_higher_quality_than_current_version]
        [F.  Must contain *Page Breaks* that correspond as closely as possible to the print edition|#2_must_contain_page_breaks_that_correspond_as_closely_as_possible_to_the_print_edition]
        [G.  Must contain *Page Numbers* that correspond as closely as possible to the print edition|#2_must_contain_page_numbers_that_correspond_as_closely_as_possible_to_the_print_edition]
        [H.  Books must be complete|#2_books_must_be_complete]
        [I.  Must be submitted in a single file|#2_must_be_submitted_as_a_single_file]

h3.         C.  Cannot be proprietary digital books, or obtained in breach of contract, or illegally

             Bookshare cannot accept any materials that are proprietary, or that were obtained in breach
             of any contract, or illegally.

             {color:teal}{*}In other words, a book must be scanned by the submitter in order for it to be{*}{color}
             {color:teal}{*}acceptable by Bookshare.*{color}

             If you have reason to believe that the submitter did not scan the book, then the book should be

             Bookshare does not accept books which are already in the library, unless the new copy is of
             higher quality than the copy already available for download. If this is the case, it should be submitted with the letters "BSO" before the title (Better Scan Of) so that both the person proofreading the book and the person approving the book know not to reject it.


             {color:teal}{*}Please do not convert books to TXT file format when proofreading.*{color}  This can result in
             the loss of all page breaks, in which case the book will be returned by Bookshare
             administration to the Checkout list.

             {color:teal}{*}Scans of books should not only contain page breaks but should also be +paginated+*{color} be{*}{color} {color:teal}{*}{+}paginated{+}{*}{color}
             {color:teal}{*}the same as the original books.*{color}  In classrooms, neither teachers nor pupils with print
             disabilities should need to worry that their copy of a book has a different set of page
             numbers.  Correct pagination will also facilitate reader discussions, searches, and indexing.

             For practical and legal reasons, Bookshare does not accept books which are not complete.
             The following material {color:teal}*is required*{color} {color:teal}{*}is required{*}{color} for a book to be considered complete:

                 *\**  Title/author page

             The following material {color:teal}{*}is not required but should be included whenever possible:*{color}

                 *\**  List of books written by the author(s)

             The following are examples of material that is {color:teal}{*}not required:*{color}

                 *\**  Book jacket

             Make sure the book is complete\!  Some volunteers may accidentally submit a partial scan
             of a book, or individual chapters.  Check that all chapters are present, and scroll to the very
             end of the file to make sure it ends with a complete sentence.