4.9 A. Proofreading using Microsoft Word 2003

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h2. 7)  Format the Font Size of the book Title and Author

On the book's Title page:
    \-  set the Font Size to *20 point*, and
    \-  add bolding
    \-  If the title appears more than once, only set the font size to 20 point the first time it appears

>  select the text of the {color:blue}{*}Author{*}{color} and:
    \-  set the Font Size to *18 point*, and
    \-  add bolding
>  leave the remaining text on the title page, including author and publisher, in *12 point* font


h2. 12)  Standardize paragraph format

*(This step is for books that do not contains tables.)*

h2. 18)  Replace any instance of tabs with spaces

(Be careful doing this with a 'Replace All' if the book you are proofreading contains tables.)

h2. 26)  Save the file

Make sure you save as rtf, not as a Word document, when you close the file.  Now you can upload the book for approval\!