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h1. These are the current projects that need volunteers

h5. Last updated on June 28, October, 2017

h4. Email to get involved\!
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| Coming soon... |
| App Development |
*WeRide - React Native help*
| Looking for React Native developers |
*Students Rising Above*
| patch LinkedIn, etc. to Salesforce CRM |
| {color:#222222}Organization Category{color} | {color:#222222}Online Resource Database / Social Services{color} |
| {color:#222222}Organization Name{color} | {color:#222222}AsylumConnect{color} |
On February 21, 2017, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania's Hack4Impact (a student organization that connects student software developers with nonprofits), we migrated the catalog from a static site to a dynamic web application and scaled our product to Philadelphia, PA. \\
Our long-term vision is to scale our catalog to all major U.S. cities and ultimately, streamline the safe integration of LGBTQ asylum seekers in the U.S. From a technical standpoint, we strive to provide an open platform that allows LGBTQ asylum seekers to self-determine their own resource needs both ethically and scalably. |
| {color:#222222}Website{color} | {color:#222222}Homepage:{color} [|] \\ {color:#222222}Product:{color} [|] |
{color:#222222}Product:{color} [|] |
| {color:#222222}Project Name{color} | {color:#222222}AsylumConnect --- “Backend Migration”{color} Redesign{color} |
| {color:#222222}Description{color} | AsylumConnect is now partnering with a San Francisco-based nonprofit building technical solutions to help low-income families access community resources. This nonprofit partner will be providing AsylumConnect with full access to its Resource Server API, which houses all public resource information content, as well as its Application Server API, which provides access to all features requiring a user account (resource bookmarks, referrals, editing, etc). Both of our organizations are confident that this partnership will help AsylumConnect to scale its services to all major U.S. cities, further enabling LGBTQ asylum seekers to access life-saving resources. \\
AsylumConnect currently needs technical assistance with the following:
* Migrating our existing catalog web application onto our partner organization’s backend:
** Re-routing resource CRUD on our client-facing web application and internal dashboard to go through our partner’s REST APIs, which have extensive feature coverage relative to AsylumConnect’s current backend.
** Migrating our existing resources onto our partner’s databases, which are actively maintained by our partner organization.
* Adding the ability for users to suggest new resources located anywhere in the U.S., which will revolutionize our ability to help LGBTQ asylum seekers at scale. |
* A complete rebuild and rebranding of our existing catalog web application, using responsive CSS and modern web frameworks (React.js, Node.js)
* This project will not involve backend web development, as One Degree will be sharing access to their well-maintained APIs for resource and user CRUD |
| {color:#222222}Time Estimation{color} | {color:#222222}7-10 {color:#222222}6-8 weeks at 8-12 hours per week.{color}\\ {color:#222222}Target start date: early to mid-September 2017{color}\\ {color:#222222}Target end date: early to mid-November 2017{color} |
{color:#222222}(Target launch of new catalog: October 2017.){color} |
| {color:#222222}Skills Needed{color} | * {color:#222222}Previous experience with front-end or full-stack web application development{color}
* {color:#222222}Familiarity with any of our existing stack*:{color}\*\* {color:#222222}Python{color}\*\* {color:#222222}Flask{color}\*\* {color:#222222}PostgreSQL via SQLAlchemy{color}\*\* {color:#222222}Heroku{color}\*\* {color:#222222}Javascript/HTML/CSS{color}
* {color:#222222}Familiarity with any of the following technologies:{color}\*\* {color:#222222}Javascript{color}\*\* {color:#222222}HTML/CSS{color}** {color:#222222}Responsive front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap{color}
** {color:#222222}Modern web frameworks such as React{color}
** {color:#222222}Node.js or similar Javascript-based run-time environments{color}
** {color:#222222}Heroku{color}
** {color:#222222}APIs, such as the Google Maps API{color}
* {color:#222222}Self-starter with good communication skills and the ability to learn quickly and work independently{color}\\
{color:#222222}\*Note that due to the relatively small codebase and comprehensive nature of the project, AsylumConnect is open to changing any aspects of our stack.{color} |
* {color:#222222}Experience working with UI/UX teams to translate wireframes into a robust product{color} |
| {color:#222222}Number of Volunteers Requested{color} | {color:#222222}2-4 full-stack web developers.{color} |
| {color:#222222}Specific Tasks{color} | {color:#222222}Key deliverables:{color}\# Migrating our web application off of Flask-SQLAlchemy onto a new, already-developed RESTful backend.
# Migrating our existing resources onto the new database.
# Modifying our internal dashboard (i.e., content management system) for user-friendly resource CRUD (e.g., viewing/editing/publishing resource suggestions) via the new backend.
# Opening up our “Suggest A Resource” form  ([|]) so that all users can suggest new resources located anywhere in the U.S. |
| {color:#222222}Specific Tasks{color} | {color:#222222}Key deliverables:{color}\# Building a modern, mobile-responsive web application that communicates with existing backend APIs
# {color:#222222}Translating existing UI wireframes into front-end code{color}
# {color:#222222}Adding features for geospatial visualization of resources (e.g., working with the Google Maps API){color} |
| {color:#222222}Links{color} | * {color:#222222}Current catalog product:{color} [|]
* {color:#222222}GitHub:{color} [|] |
| {color:#222222}Contact{color} | {color:#222222}AsylumConnect Human Resources:{color} [|] \\ {color:#222222}Tiff (Director of Technology):{color} [|] \\ {color:#222222}Katie (Co-Founder & President):{color} [|] |
{color:#222222}Tiff (Director of Technology):{color} [|] \\
{color:#222222}Katie (Co-Founder & President):{color} [|] |