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{color:#333333}We need to replace {color}{color:#333333}[BookShare|http://benetech.org/our-programs/literacy/bookshare/]{color}{color:#333333}'s Web Reader (currently based on an early prototype of Readium) with the latest Readium code but to do that we need to add the enhancements made to the forked version of Readium and bring these enhancements (such as TTS with Highlighting) back into Readium.  Bookshare serves nearly 340,00 members who are blind or visually-impaired, physically disabled or having learning disabilities.{color}

Skills / Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script, EPUB3, Google Analytics

{color:#333333}Other possibilities:{color}
* {color:#333333}A11Y features such as annotations.  {color}
* {color:#333333}Possible UI/UX (workflow) based on EPUB's non-linear spine items for off-page element for alternative image descriptions (long description, simplified description, tactile representation, 3D model with tour)   {color}
* {color:#333333}Incorporate Google Analytics for usage tracking{color}

{color:#333333}A student will use the latest agile methodology including; pair programming, scrum and sprints.  {color}