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### Discussion of Berkeley Library commitment to 5-day turnaround on accessible materials. [|] Likely that they are doing this internally though not clear what the process is. We hear they serve 25-30 visually impaired patrons and 3-4 Braille readers. Hiring extra staff in alt media.
### New training video has been added to DIAGRAM Training Resources page: “Best Practices for Integrating Accessible Images into Ebooks and DTBs” Feel free to share the link with anyone who may be interested: [|]
### Robert Jaquiss created a well-structured accessible Word version of our PowerPoint slide set. Thank you Robert\! Slidesets and talking points are available on our WG wiki site at [|] site.
### DIAGRAM working on new video designed to set context for DIAGRAM work. Will seek input from WG and a variety of stakeholders. Important decisions include:
#### Target audience: whole world? Teachers? Policy-makers? Content creators?