4.6 How to Check in your finished proof

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                 (Again, the headings below are links that take one to that specific section of Chapter 5.)

h3.                  [(1)  *ISBN*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_the_isbn_number]\\
                 *\-*  An ISBN number is necessary if the original book had one.
                 *\-*  If the original book had an ISBN number, that number must be entered here.
                 *\-*  However, the ISBN number is optional since older books and even some new ones do not
                    contain an ISBN.

h3.                  [(2)  *Title*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_title]\\
                 *\-*  Should be in the same language as the content of the book,
                 *\-*  Should not be in all caps,

h3.                  [(3)  *Author(s)*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_authors]
                 *\-*  Put the first name first and the last name last:

h3.                  [(4)  *Language*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_languages]\\
                 Verify that the Submitter has selected the correct language for this book.

h3.                  [(5)  *Text Quality*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_text_quality]\\
                 Based on an automated tool, Bookshare.org will give the book a rating of:
                 *\*  Excellent or above.*  The scan contains an average of less than one error (junk characters

h3.                  [(6)  *Copyright Holder*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_copyright_holders]\\
                 *\-*  The Copyright Holder and Copyright Date are often on the back of the title page.
                 *\-*  If more than one Copyright Holder exists, use the Copyright Holder and Copyright Date for

h3.                  [(7)  *Copyright Date*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_copyright_date]\\
                 If there is more than one Copyright Date for the text of the book, _use the most recent date._

h3.                  [(8)  *Publisher*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_publisher]\\
                 *\-*  Can be either the Imprint or the Publisher.
                 *\-*  Can be either a subsidiary company or the parent company.

h3.                  [(9)  *Brief Synopsis*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_brief_synopsis]\\
                 *\**  A Brief Synopsis is required.
                 *\-*  If the Submitter has not entered a Brief Synopsis, please enter one now.

h3.                  [(10)  *Complete Synopsis*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_complete_synopsis_long_synopsis]\\
                 *\**  If an ISBN is *not* available, the Complete Synopsis is _required._
                 *\**  If an ISBN *is* available, the Complete Synopsis is _optional._

                 *\-*  If the Submitter _has_ has entered a Complete Synopsis, check to see that there are no obvious spelling
                    spelling or grammar errors, and correct any that are found.

h3.                  [(11)  *Number of pages*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_number_of_pages]\\
                 Often this number will not include pages in the Front Matter, but the exact number of pages is
                 not critical.

h3.                  [(12)  *Adult Content*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_adult_content]\\
                 *\-*  Based on an automated tool, the book will be rated regarding its adult content.
                 *\-*  If the tool determines that a book does contain adult content, and you feel it is in error,

h3.                  [(13)  *Categories*|5. The metadata#5_metadata_categorize_this_book_categories]\\
                 *\-*  Verify that the Submitter has chosen all categories that pertain to this book.
                 *\-*  The Proofreader may check or uncheck categories where appropriate.