4. Proofread a book

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h2.         {color:teal}{*}A.  Proofreading Training{*}{color} {color:teal}{*}A.  *{color}

                Scanning a book actually involves two processes.  First, the scanner takes a picture of each
                (i)  Tell me more about:    [*Proofreading Training*|4.2 A. Proofreading Training]\\


h2.         {color:teal}{*}B.  Steps not technically necessary{*}{color}

                »  The *RTF Converter* is Bookshare software that will run on your finished proof immediately
                    after you upload it back to Bookshare.  We value your time and don't wish you to do steps
                    that aren't necessary.  Therefore you may save considerable proofreading time by *not* doing
                    certain steps, because the RTF Converter will do these steps automatically.

                »  However, if these steps are an important part of the way _you_ proofread (your own proofreading
                    style), you may do them anyway as they cause no harm.

                (i)  Tell me more about:    [*Steps not Technically Necessary*|4.2 B. Steps not technically necessary]\\