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h1. Accessible Math for the Blind and Vision Impaired - MathML Cloud

MathML Cloud was developed in 2014 to make mathematics on the web and inside eBooks/eTextbooks accessible to people who are blind or have vision impairments. For GSoC 2015, we would like to extend MathML Cloud's reach to mainstream authoring platforms and content management systems as well as expand the current set of supported formats. systems. To start, we'd like to build an Add-In for Microsoft Word that incorporates API calls made to MathML Cloud.

Skills / Technologies:

We would like to add the following types of functionality to the MathML Cloud application:
Skills / Technologies: 
* Visual Basic for Applications
* Potentially JavaScript and HTML/CSS

* Plug-in integrating MathML Cloud API for:
** Microsoft Word
Other Add-Ins/Plug-ins to address after [Microsoft Word Add-In|^MS Volunteer Project_Word_20140611.docx]:
** * Adobe Illustrator
** * Wordpress: [http://wordpress.org/plugins/mathjax-latex/]
** * Google Docs
* Additional formats supported:
** Integrate MathML to Nemeth Braille converter based on existing open source solutions to enable users to read math in that format with refreshable braille display. [http://www.gh-mathspeak.com/examples/NemethBook/]
** BRF
** EPUB3
** XML
** HTML5 file format checker (notify user where/how a file is not compliant with HTML5 standards)
* Additional, open-source math entry options:
** virtual keyboard (such as: JSWAVES: [https://github.com/gh-accessibility/JSWAVES], [http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39156804/JSWAVES/index.html)|http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39156804/JSWAVES/index.html]
** math OCR
** voice dictation
** handwriting

More Information:
* MathML Cloud Project: [http://benetech.org/our-programs/literacy/born-accessible/mathml-cloud/]
* MathML Cloud App: [https://mathmlcloud.org/] / open source code available at: [http://github.com/benetech/mmlc-experiments|http://github.com/benetech/mmlc-experiments].

h1. On Demand Math assistance for the Blind and Vision Impaired - MathPoet

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