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Page: 3.2 B. Volunteer Guidelines on Publishers
3.2  B.  Volunteer Guidelines on Publishers Back to:  3. Scan a Book 3. Scan a book#3checkvolunteerguidelinesonpublishers\\ Back to:  4. Proofread a Book 4. Proofread a book#4checkvolunteerguidelinesonpublishers\\ \\ Bookshare Volunteers, This list is the authoritative source ...
Page: 5. The metadata
5.  The metadata            5.1  The ISBN number #5metadatatheisbnnumber\\            5.2  Title #5metadatatitle\\           &nbsp ...
Page: Scanning and Proofreading Manual - No Longer Accurate as of Fall 2014
DOCUMENT IS NO LONGER THE MOST UPDATED AND ACCURATE VERSION OF OUR MANUAL. PLEASE GO TO THE FOLLOWING PAGE FOR THE UPDATED VERSION: anningandproofing 10/24/14 \\ Table of Contents, online Scanning and Proofreading Manual Scanning and Proofreading ...
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