Tools WG Meeting Notes Aug 29, 2013

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Agenda for Thursday 8/29/13 Tools WG Meeting

                • Update on MathJax SVG collaboration for server-side generation of described math images using SVG, ARIA and ChromeVox engine

                • EDUPUB Position Papers

                                • Accessibility with Popcorn.js (worked with Readium)


                                • Open Source Library of Interactive Widgets for EPUB 3

                                                • and integration with

                                • Accessibility Metadata and LRMI

                                                • working with Drupal, incorporating tactile image metadata

                • Poet and EPUB 3 Update

                • Summary of describedby testing with reading systems

                                • Implications for DAISY Pipeline


Ron Stewart

Bruce Walker

Geoff Freed

John Gardner

Gerardo Capiel

Ge Vu

Julie Noblitt

Richard Ladner

Kathy Fletcher

Gerardo: update on MathJax SVG:

How to make it easy to deal with MathML in reading systems that have no MathML support?  Use MathJax to use open-source rendering via MathML and visual rendering using MathJax.  Using server-side for performance reasons.  Idea is to return an SVG w/description to the user.  Peter ((?) has found someone at the American Mathematics Society who will help with development.  Project is moving slowly but is moving ahead.  


Who is funding this?


AMS would be the subcontractor for this project.

EDUPUB workshop:


With TV Raman, submitting a position paper re creating a library of accessible EPUB 3 widgets.   Want to feed the library with some initial widgets, such as and integration with , for example. Also submitting a paper on the accessibility metadata work.


From OER Pub (, making it easier for authors to create/remix textbook-like content.  Have a WISYWYG editor for content; uses github to build textbooks.  Interested in accessibility to make it easy for authors to create things that are born accessible.  Also working with Gerardo on accessibility metadata. 


NCAM submission based on Popcorn.js work demonstrated at

Gerardo:  Poet/EPUB 3 update

Making progress; still in test mode.  There has been interest from one significant publisher to use Poet as a production tool.  Talking to Doug Schepers at W3C regarding HTML-to-SVG editor; is used for editing SVG metadata, such as descriptions that are contained within the SVG.  This is something that could potentially be integrated into Poet.  SVG is a big unknown for publishers: how to use, how to make accessible.


What about tactile graphics and Poet?


Have added support in Poet for DIAGRAM content model, which provides ways to link to alternative representations of an image, including tactiles.  However, Poet doesn’t currently have a way to make images more *usable* for tactile representations.


Developing an accessible iPhone app to read QR codes that are embedded into a tactile graphic as labels, instead of text.  Could have a tactile graphic that is embossed, and the QR code is used to deliver associated text.  Have to take a picture of the QR code to activate the text, but students are also looking at activating the QR code by pointing at the code instead.  Problems when multiple adjacent codes which can reduce accuracy.  Also testing other methods of activating the QR-code information.


Have also developed a finger-pointing app a few years ago but used reflective tape on the fingertip to improve accuracy.


If interested in learning more, or want to test, send Gerardo an e-mail.  Available for iOS and Android.


DIAGRAM Web site has info on this on Research page: .  Here’s information from the site:

Tactile Graphics with a Voice The Tactile Graphics Project at the University of Washington has created the TGV (Tactile Graphics with a Voice), a QR-code reading app that allows text within images to be read and voiced by a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android phone. For those who are interested in creating tactile graphics that include QR-codes for embedded text in images, there is a revised Tactile Graphics Assistant Manual (PDF version here) that includes information about how to include QR-codes. The TGV Design Document is available for both the iOS (PDF version here) and for the Android (PDF version here). The open source code is available for both the iOS version and the Android version of TGV as well.


LeanMath:  still beta testing; Windows only at this point.  Is an editor and a MathML converter; written in Python.  Intended for writing math (also reads math).  Interfaces w/Word and MathType.  No link available at this time; have written some papers but are out of date.  Screen readers do an adequate job of reading the alt text; NVDA does best so far.  JAWS is okay; have submitted a bug to improve Window-Eyes.  If interested in testing, send a note to John Gardner.


ACM ASSETS conference: .  RL was the program chair; 13 are related to blindness/visual impairments.  Will be 50ish poster sessions; some will be related to blind/low-vision.  Will be a panel of users as well.


If anyone has thoughts about topics that need more focus, such as tools related to tactile or braille, plz forward to the working-group list.

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