DIAGRAM Tools Working Group Notes 14 July 2015

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DIAGRAM Tools Working Group

July 14, 2015


Sina Bahram, Anh Bui, Keith Creasy, Geoff Freed, John Gardner, Bryan Gould, Sue-Ann Ma, David Murphy, Julie Noblitt, Madeleine Rothberg, Neil Soiffer


Kathi Fletcher, George Kerscher, Richard Ladner, Josh Miele, Steve Noble, Elaine Ober, Dave Schleppenbach, Ron Stewart, Ed Summers, Bruce Walker, Ge Vue


Sue-Ann Ma and Sina Bahram presented mock-ups of a new prototype of a Math Reading Support Matrix that will allow end-users to quickly determine what combinations of hardware and software will allow them to consume math in digital format.Download the PowerPoint slides and/or listen to the audio recording of the call (meeting substance begins at minute 3:20).

  • Objectives of the tool
    • Support end-users, educators, and technologists in a quickly-changing environment
    • Provide an accessible web-based support matrix to help ease the discovery of unique combinations of technologies required to access digital math
    • Highlight tools already supporting accessible math reading
    • Identify gaps in the current environment to:
      • Reach out to partners to further promote awareness and adopt best practices
      • Quantify the current state of technological support today
  • Target audiences
    • Teacher of the Visually Impaired
    • Blind student learning math
    • DIAGRAM Community
    • Educator (Teacher, Professor)
    • Mainstream Developer
    • Content Creator (Publishers)
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