Meeting notes 3-20-13

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Notes March 20 by R. Jaquiss
Elaine Ober chair
Elaine sent out a recap of last week's meeting.

Julie commented on the summary.
This meeting deals with the sample book. All the groups are awaiting the results.
The recap from Elain summarizes the current situation.
The members were polled should we start with one image?
Noble yes
Robert yes
Julie yes
Robin yes
Betsy yes
Steven Landau yes  Has a number of images due to a subcontract.
Lucia yes

Some discussion about drawing from the APH library. Jane Thompson is the contact. Images are PDFs.
Steven commented that his group ws learning that a diagram needed to be described/viewed in the context of a book.
There was more discussion about how to have an online resource.
There was more discussion about whether to have a physical book available.
The group consensus is that we want to end up with an ebook. The process may start out as a web page.
The web content should be HTML5 supported before becoming an epub3.
Susie will manage the project.
Steven Landeau will send a link for posting to the wiki. He will send a test case image to the group.
The image is of the heart and lungs.
After we have had a chance to look at the image, we should all comment via email out thoughts.
The image is from Mcgraw Hill. a check will be made to make sure we will not run into copyright problems.

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