Content WG meeting notes 8-29-13

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Content Working Group Meeting Notes 8/29/13

Present: Steve Noble, Bryan Gould, Suzy Haines, Robert Jaquiss, Lucia Hasty, Steve Landau, Anh Bui, Robin Seaman, Julie Noblitt

Guest speakers: Gerardo Capiel, Charles Myers

1. Accessibility Metadata project: Will allow people to find accessible books, images, videos, apps, etc. by doing a Google search. Right now if you search for Kahn Academy videos with closed captions, for example, you won't come up with any search results, even though Kahn Academy does have captioned videos. This will become more and more important as more educational materials go online.  Please visit the project web site to learn more: Advocacy very important -- please visit this DIAGRAM blog post to find out how you can help:

2. Accessible Image repository vs. registry: With a repository model, we would need to hold and curate all the data ourselves. With a registry model, people can find the material wherever it is hosted on the web. Aggregating the image metadata may be preferable to aggregating the images themselves. With the success of the Accessibility Metadata project, the image registry is a good solution.

3. Accessible Image Sample Book: 5 chapters have been completed and shared with the Content Working Group for feedback. Several DIAGRAM team members will be attending the AAP meeting in NYC on Sept 10, 2013 and hope to be able to get feedback from meeting attendees that might help us as we do the next chapters. In the meantime, please send your feedback.

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