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To help people know each other and their skills a bit, it would be useful to add a bit of background and related organizations. This will be removed as the group coalesces. Since each group member has wiki access (or should), please edit this yourself.  If you do not have wiki edit/login access, send email to Chuck Myers (and fix the at sign in the email address).

I have added a set of three ppt slides that describe the effort... people can use this to promote the group activity

Adding to your information on this page confirms that you have wiki access.

Person Organization LRMI Access4All Any Accessibility Other comments on background
Chris Anderton CTO, Bilbary         Developing services with ONIX, EPUB and tools for accessible content
Graham Bell Chief Data Architect, EDItEUR         ONIX metadata and accessibility extensions, knowledge of EPUB and of trade publishing). EDItEUR involved in accessibility issues via WIPO ETF and TIGAR projects
Marie Bienkowski SRI International, Learning Registry contributor          
Gerardo Capiel Benetech, VP of Engineering          
Anastasia Cheetham IDRC/OCAD University     Y Y contributor to IMS AccessForAll specification; contributor to ISO 24751 AccessForAll standard
Colin Clark IDRC/OCADU     Y Y  
Ron Daniel Disruptive Tech Director, Elsevier Labs          
Geoff Freed WGHB/NCAM          
Katy Ginger NSDL, DLESE, Metadata Architect, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative          
Matt Garrish Benetech, Technical Writer          
Dave Gladney LRMI Project Manager, Association Educational Publishers X       Manage communication about LRMI to the education community and provide education and training to content publishers to facilitate adoption of LRMI.
Larry Goldberg WGBH National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM)          
Greg Grossmeier Creative Commons, LRMI X       Lead the TWG for LRMI and shepherded it into Leading effort to increase adoption of LRMI.
Carol James Benetech          
Doug Klein Barnes & Noble          
Lisa Mattson IMS Global     Y    
Uma Menon Gooru Learning          
Chuck Myers Benetech, Project Manager       Y W3C AC representative, RDF semantic web background, promoted PDF accessibility and XMP metadata for Adobe
Steve Midgley Learning Resource Metatdata Initiative (LRMI)          
Silvia Margarita Baldiris Navarro Dep. of Computer Technology and Architecture (ATC)
Polithecnic School - University of Girona (SPAIN)
Liddy Nevile OZeWAI (Australia), co- and Lead editor for ISO/IEC AfA rewrite
        AccessForAll (IMS GLC) and ISO/IEC JTC1, Standards Australia, Dublin Core Accessibility Community
Steve Nordmark CAO, Knovation, Inc. Y       part of LRMI Technical WG; passionate about UDL inclusive of and beyond accessibility facets
Nicholas Reville Participatory Culture Foundation          
Madeleine Rothberg WGBH/NCAM, Co-chair of Access for All WG within IMS     Y   contributor to AccessForAll specification
Jutta Treviranus IDRC     Y Y Lead Project Editor of ISO 24751 AccessForAll standard as well as 2nd Revision, and of original IMS AccessForAll standard. IDRC is working on submission through Cloud4All project
Linda Turner American Printing House for the Blind         Manage Louis and Louis Plus databases; metadata experience: DC, ONIX
Ron Daniel Elsevier         Metadata standards background: Dublin Core, PRISM, RDF.
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