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This table was created earlier in the life of the specification development. The current version of this is on our website at Do not update these pages.

A11yMetadata AfA v3 AfA ISO ONIX (numbers are ProductFormFeatureValues from Codelist 196) Dublin Core
(draft AP)
accessMode accessMode accessMode + colourCoding     accessMode
accessAPI apiInteroperable     97: Compatibility tested  
ATCompatible atInteroperable     97: Compatibility tested  
controlFlexibility controlFlexibility controlFlexibility      
accessHazard hazard hazard     hazard is value of accessability
hasAdaptation hasAdaptation hasAdaptation   RelatedWork, RelatedProduct hasVersion
isAdaptationOf isAdaptationOf isAdaptationOf   RelatedWork, RelatedProduct isVersionof
displayTransformability displayTransformability displayTransformability      
mediaFeature (mix of adaptationType and adaptationMediaType) representationForm transcript (AudioObject + VideoObject)
description (Thing)
14: Short alternative descriptions
15: Full alternative descriptions
16: Visualised data also available as non-graphical data
17: Accessible math content
18: Accessible chem content
20: Synchronised pre-recorded audio (?)
type - usually depicts genre but there are multiple value sets
  educationalComplexityOfAdaptation   typicalAgeRange (LRMI) AudienceRange  
  educationalLevelOfAdpatation educationLevel educationalAlignment / textComplexity (LRMI) AudienceRange, or scheme in Subject  
  languageOfAdaptation language inLanguage (CreativeWork) Language language
  accessModeAdapted originalAccessMode + colourCoding      
  isPartialAdaptationOf isAdaptationOf + extent   RelatedProduct, RelatedWork  
  isFullAdaptationOf isAdaptationOf + extent   RelatedProduct, RelatedWork
  adaptationType (part of representationForm)      
  adaptationMediaType (part of representationForm)
  adaptationDetail (part of representationForm)
    extent   Extent  
        10: No reading system accessibility options disabled (except)
        11: Table of contents navigation
        12: Index navigation
        13: Reading order
        19: Print-equivalent page numbering
        98: Trusted Intermediary contact
        99: Publisher contact for further accessibility information
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  1. Feb 28, 2013

    Madeleine Rothberg says:

    ONIX's "97: Compatibility tested" might correspond to AfA v3's "atInteroperable....

    ONIX's "97: Compatibility tested" might correspond to AfA v3's "atInteroperable." It would depend on what kind of compatibility is being tested.

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