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If the group doing the implementation has agreed to do this, please put "agreed - details to be determined" after the name. We can work the details out later.

The best way to learn microdata is to be able to tell if there is microdata on a page and to be able to see it without having to do a view-source on the page. These Chrome extensions for viewing microdata do a good job at this. These tools help significantly when one views the microdata of a site, or just even to know that it is present. These are listed without review or bias towards one or the other (all can be found by searching for "microdata" on the Google Chrome extension store). The great thing about all these tools is that they will show their icon in the title bar when there is microdata present. In fact, here's a screenshot of what Google Chrome (with these plugins) does when it sees microdata. Note that I've listed these in order of my personal preference. But I'd try them all and see what works for you.

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