Outreach and Evangelism

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Outreach works two ways, outbound and inbound:

  • Outbound: We'll ping organizations and their email lists to let them know that our effort exists and to direct them to the public website, email list and discussion list, as well as the W3C/Schema.org effort
  • Inbound/content marketing: People can come to our public website and learn more about the effort there.  There will be wonderful examples and the like in the near future.  

Outreach may go into a few lists. This isn't done yet, but just an idea as the list gets longer. The early stages would be just to the first group, seeking validation of our properties.

  1. Accessibility advocacy groups (for expertise)
  2. Content creators
  3. Content consumers

Groups to Reach Out (note that having links on this content is greatly appreciated)

  2. FCC Accessibility List
  3. LRMI (Google Group, website mailing list, AEP Twitter account...Greg Grossmeier can post to LRMI TWG mailing list)
  4. Learning Registry (Google Groups)
  5. W3C Accessibility Lists, including A11yTF
  6. GPII List
  7. AfA List
  8. LinkedIn Accessibility Groups
  9. DAISY planet/tech watch newsletters
  10. Ted Drake's Accessibility Dinners group
  11. SSB BART Group blog
  12. Marco's Accessibility Blog
  13. The Accessible Planet
  14. NFB (Mark Riccobono)
  15. AFB
  16. ACB
  17. DCMI (both in general and accessibilty)
  18. Description Leadership Network (Smith-Kettlewell)
  19. John Foliot
  20. CAST
  21. UDL-IRN
  22. Organization of Special Needs Families
  23. California Department of Developmental Centers
  24. Spectrum Center - Collaborative Classrooms
  25. TASK - Team of Advocates for Special Kids
  26. Ability First
  27. National Association of Special Needs Teachers
  28. PHP - Parents Helping Parents
  29. Easter Seals
  30. Athena Academy - Mountain View
  31. Autism Social Connection
  32. Wings Learning Center
  33. OZeWAI (Australia)
  34. OER-developers@googlegroups.com

Other ways to reach out

  1. Benetech's twitter feed. (and the possibility of creating an #a11ymetadata from the start)
  2. Tell people about our blog and public mailing list
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  1. Mar 21, 2013

    Uma Menon says:

    Organization of Special Needs Families California Department of Developmental...
    1. Apr 05, 2013

      Charles Myers says:

      Thanks, Uma.  I brought them in up above.  And the good news is that t...

      Thanks, Uma.  I brought them in up above.  And the good news is that the list is now long enough that it may need to be split into categories.

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