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Date Task
Phase I: Specification Development  
December 20, 2012 Evangelize Working Group to recruit participants
January 17, 2013 Second Working Group Call
February 7, 2013 First Internal Draft Specification
February 28, 2013 Public Draft Availability (for LRMI community, and others)
March 28, 2013 Final Specification Adoption (and mapping to
April 1, 2013 Submission to (and working out details)
Phase II: Reference Implementation these are approximate dates and may move in when possible
May, 2013 Tag Bookshare content with A11y and LRMI metadata
May, 2013 Submit payload data to a Learning Registry node
June - October 2013 Evaluate reference implementation(s) based on feedback from, actual implementation experience and update if needed.
October, 2013 Project End Date
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