Performance Tests January 2015

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Test environment

Test scenarios

  1. Single equation conversion through the app page
    • Data set of 11 Ascii Math samples taken from the Ascii Math test page at
    • 10 users, each uploading 10 equations from the data set (JMeter pulls data from the data sets in sequential order, not randomly)
    • 10 seconds pause between each equation
    • 30 second response timeout
  2. HTML file upload through the API
    • Data set of three files
      • textbook-sample-math.html = 5 equations from an O'Reilly book
      • asciimath.html = 10 equations from Chapman site (similar to above)
      • mathmlcloud-tests.html = 110 equations from original sample prepared for MMLC testing
    • 3 users, each updating 3 files from the data set
    • 15 seconds pause between each equation
    • 30 second response timeout

Each of the scenarios was run twice: once with the VM configured as A0 and once with it configured as A1.

Test results

Average Response Times (milliseconds)

Scenario A0 machine A1 machine
Equation conversion 11794 4923
HTML5 upload 70854 22869


Equation conversion on A0 machine

Equation conversion on A1 machine

HTML5 upload on A0 machine

HTML5 upload on A1 machine

Raw Data

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