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“A JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers.”

Features :

  • Equations described scale well on being zoomed in or out since it uses CSS with web fonts / SVG. 
  • Inputs: MathML , TeX, ASCIImath
  • Output: HTML+CSS , SVG & MathML
  • Accessible: compatible with screenreaders 

Usage :

  • Use the copy available on CDN ( OR
  • Use locally downloaded copy

What is used in MathML Cloud :

mathjax-node : contains files that provide APIs to call MathJax from node.js programs. This provides 2 main libraries :

  • mj-single.js
  • mj-page.js
Conversions possible with MathJax-node



Page to : MathML/PNG/SVG


We are using the PNG conversion as well and have the required batik files to ensure the process occurs.

Latest version available : 0.40 (Oct 2015) this was built on MathJax 2.5. This version has been upgraded to on MathML Cloud. MathJax 2.6 has been released.

Changes made :
  • performance bug fix related to SVG generation
  • iojs / node 4 compatibility
  • SVG

MathJax 2.6

  • CommonHTML output has been improved to provide the same quality of output as the HTML-CSS and SVG output. It is faster to produce and is produced identical on all browsers. This implies that it can be generated in advance on the server versus being generated after reaching the browser.
  • Accessibility : 
    • new AssistiveMML extension : improved screen reader support
    • UI has been made more accessible (MathJax menu)
  • MathJax installation with bower now possible but this is without PNG fonts.
  • MMLorHTML extension : deprecated

References :

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