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This is the home of the MathMLCloud Project.  The proposal can be found here.

Recent presentation: www.slideshare.net/gcapiel/math-ml-cloud-prez-edupub-2

Powerpoint version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39156804/MathML%20Cloud%20Prez%20EDUPUB%202.ppt

The image above is a DIAGRAM describing the general MathMLCloud process and data flows listed below:

  1. A publisher or other content creator using a MathMLCloud integrated product, such as a Microsoft Word plugin, or a proprietary production toolchain, submits MathML code to the MathMLCloud API
  2. The MathML is converted to an SVG image using MathJax.  There is an option to convert the SVG to a PNG image.  The MathML is also processed by the integrated ChromeVox math utilities to generate a textual description.  The API returns HTML/SVG code and the PNG image.  The HTML code contains a link back to the source MathML on MathMLCloud.net
  3. The returned HTML code and images can be inserted into a web page viewed with Microsoft IE or an EPUB viewed with the Nook or Kindle eReader
  4. The end user can also choose to click to a webpage on MathMLCloud.net to see the original MathML or to provide feedback to the publisher and Benetech as to the quality of the automatically generated description.  By being able to access the source MathML the user can take advantage of other current or future Assistive Technologies that support MathML.
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