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Group facilitation


Institute for Social Informatics (ISI).

About Us:

The Institute for Social Informatics (ISI) is a non-profit that makes available to the public a proven group facilitation application (app). The app is currently being upgraded and is partially functional at:

The code is open source and available on GitHub.

Current efforts include:

1. diversification to off-line hardware platforms: Android phones as hotspot/servers and the open source Beagle Board computer.

A turn-key solution, based upon Android phones and the Beagle Board computer, is being developed.

This solution will be used to test a niche market: Psychologists administering group therapy sessions.

2. Our plan is to collect key-press information for analysis at the completion of the group therapy session.

Reports on the quality of the group interaction will be compiled by scanning the sequence of key presses.

Therapists subscribe to these reports, which arrive immediately after termination of a session.

3. Upgrade of the Myturn web application. This will be based upon feedback from users and in preparation for new market segments.


Project name:

Myturn market test


We are currently assembling the team to manage and perform the market test.

Scientific and development leadership has been established.

We need people for all business functions and to field demonstrate our turn-key conversation facilitation system.

Field demonstrators will facilitate the utilization of Myturn and collect user feedback.

The feedback includes feature and update requests, as well as information needed to establish the monthly subscription price.

Analysis of key-press sequences will require a review of recent scientific literature about group facilitation, specification of the patterns to be extracted, and development of the server software.

Time Estimation:

We expect to require six months to complete the market test. Hourly commitment will depend upon volunteer background and availability. Management, research, and development volunteers could contribute as little as an hour weekly.

Skills needed:

Depends upon function during the market test.

Number of Volunteers Requested:

We can run our test in different markets, if we have enough volunteers.

Specific tasks:

:Javascript development for client and server (node js)

:Installation of server and hotspot on Debian OS system (Beagle Board Green Wireless)

:Development for Android phone as hotspot/server for offline function - current implementation uses Flash

:Project management for market test

:Setup of equipment, facilitation during demonstrations, collection of feedback from users

:Social (library) research to compile findings on speaking patterns

:Software development for the analysis server - Snobol or other pattern/string oriented language experience required.

:Bookkeeping to track expenses related to the market test - Accounting and Finance skills

:Development of marketing/sales strategy for launch of subscription service at test completion

:Identification of new user groups and marketing strategies.

:Intellectual property strategy development and execution

:Fund raising



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