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These are the current projects that need volunteers

Last updated on April 4, 2017

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Preferred Project website improvements
Organization Category E-learning
Organization Name CourseWorld, Inc.
About Us CourseWorld, Inc. ( is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt,
nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of New York.
Description We seek to redevelop and redesign our website from the ground
up, improving elements such as the user interface, back end database, and feature set.
The site is built on a PHP framework – CodeIgniter version 2.1.3.
Time Estimation 8 - 12 weeks at 20 - 40 hours per week
Skills Needed PHP (CodeIgniter)
Number of Volunteers Requested 4-5 engineers (or more, as available)
Specific Tasks 1. Global/homepage changes2. Browsing / Navigation
3. Other navigation features
4. Play media
5. Video "collections"
6. Crowdsourced curation
7. Personalized content
8. Social / community
9. "About Us" page
10. Blog There are 10 areas of development (defined in a Google Doc, available on request):
1. Global/homepage changes
2. Browsing / Navigation
3. Other navigation features
4. Play media
5. Video "collections"
6. Crowdsourced curation
7. Personalized content
8. Social / community
9. "About Us" page
10. Blog
Links (request permission)


Organization Category Chartiable Gaming
Organization Name Givdo
About Us Givdo (pronounced “Give-dough”) is a platform that will allow users to contribute money to nonprofits (for free!) through sponsored games. Our flagship app is a fun trivia game aimed at allowing users to choose from the 150 charities currently on the app and play games against friends to win points that translate into real donations for the nonprofits users will select on the app. We are almost finished with the app for launch, we just need a few talented volunteers to add a few features and polish it up!
Project Name Givdo “Launch Features”
Description We are looking for a group of volunteers willing to help us finish the app to launch this June. We have two developers who have been working on this from the beginning and have a few tasks in mind that we would love to finish before we launch!
Time Estimation 8 - 12 weeks at 10-20 hours per week
Skills Needed To be consistent with the architecture and skills available within JustFix, we would use tools and technologies that have strong support both within JustFix and within the industry.

.Ruby on Rails
.Ionic Framework
.Fullstack Frontend or Backend
.Facebook API
.Ad engine logic (preferred)
.Heroku |

Number of Volunteers Requested 3-5 engineers with a focus on mobile game development and familiarity with the Facebook API as well as Heroku dashboard configuration and ad engines.
Specific Tasks Key features to produce/enhance are:

1) Build UI for Givdo's ad engine (we cannot use a prebuilt engine because we sell our ads individually)

2) Enhance user profile experience (letting users challenge other users to a game on their profiles)

3) Enhance search functionality for nonprofits on the app (right now we pull all nonprofits from FB and can only search by name. Would like to add tiered search - location, keyword, sector)

4) Build backend dashboard section for us to input announcements to our users (e.g., "double points day!")

5) Allow users to share their achievements on social media (won a game, gave X amount to charity through Givdo, etc.)

6) Allow users to submit trivia questions through their profile page (simple email form). |

Links (to be provided upon inquiry)
Contact Lydia (CEO, technical lead):
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