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2016 Placements

Starting in late Q3

Volunteer Name Primary Skills Experience Level Placement Length of Placement
Lev Tatz Javascript, Ruby, Angular, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Python Medium FreeCycle Network 10 weeks
Pedro Pablo Rodriguez JavaScript, Node.Js, Angular.Js, JQuery, Mongo Medium Courseworld 8 - 12 weeks
Helena Kotas C#, .NET, C++ XML/XSLT, SQL, Python, HTML,CSS, JSON High ATMA Open
Krishna C Swift, Python, C Low Duke U Project 10 weeks
Mohmmad Ismail Khan Java, Python Low Duke U Project 8 weeks
Jayashree Nikalje Oracle Database, SQL, Unix Shell scripting, Data Modeling, Oracle DBA High Fordham U Platform 10 weeks
Sung Kim Python, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and Bootstrap High Global Leaks 12 weeks
Soldevelo Android, iOS, Javascript, Java Very High ODK with John Higgins 5 - 15 weeks
Lea Cooke UI, UX, Design High Poet Describer Tool - Sue-Ann 8 - 10 weeks
Ann Junker UX Design, HTML, CSS High UX Redesign for Secure App Generator - John Higgins 6 weeks
Seth West Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS High Samasta Health Foundation 12 weeks
Novi Sonko Full-stack Developer High Samasta Health Foundation 12+ weeks
Harry Staley Full-stack developer High UPR Prototype - John Higgins 6 weeks
Tyler Littlefield Full-stack developer High UPR Prototype - John Higgins 6 weeks
Shreya Front-end developer High OurVoteLive 12 weeks
Alissa May Product Manager High OurVoteLive 12 weeks
Ben Full-stack developer High OurVoteLive 12 weeks
Rajul Back-end developer High OurVoteLive 12 weeks
Ivan Front-end developer Medium OurVoteLive 12 weeks
Sunny Full-stack developer High OurVoteLive 12 weeks
Milano Hyacinthe HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, C# High Whale SMS 8 weeks
Rajeswari Krishnan Java Developer Medium Project Manager for Whale SMS 6 weeks
Mihail Temelkov Python, Flask, SQL High FordHam U. Platform 6 weeks
Saleh Rezaei .Netframework, WPF, C#, SQL, PHP Medium FordHam U. Platform 6 weeks
Chris Cortese Javascript, Meteor, PHP (LAMP), HTML5, CSS3 High Nick Adams, Ushahidi 2 weeks
Jenny Wang Java, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL High 4 - 8 weeks
Colin Trent UI, Javascript, HTML, CSS Medium Whale SMS 4 - 8 weeks
Justin D. Kahn UI, HTML, CSS Medium Martus Web / Docs - Rachel Bernstein 4 - 8 weeks
Melissa Rudofsky Ruby, Rails, (AJAX, JQuery), SQL, HTML, CSS Low Martus Web / Docs - Rachel Bernstein 4 - 8 weeks

Old Project work

JustFix.NYC "Smart Features"

Organization Category Housing Security
Organization Name
About Us is a non-profit that supports renters (currently in NYC) facing evictions and neglected housing conditions with technology that helps them build well-documented cases and connect with community and legal advocates. Our platform is comprised of two complementary tools:

1. A mobile app that assists tenants in gathering evidence, mediating with their landlord through templated communications, reporting violations to city agencies, connecting with organizers and attorneys, and presenting a “case history” in housing court (currently available at 

2. A dashboard that allows community organizers, legal aid attorneys, and other advocates to communicate with tenants and track data about buildings, landlords, and neighborhoods. It will be integrated with open datasets from a range of city and state agencies (in development).
Project Name JustFix “Smart Features”
Description 1. We currently ask users on the Tenant App to take photos of any critical documents that should be added to their account/case. However, the photos are often poor quality. We want to integrate a document scanning feature so that the photo capture detects a document and produces a higher quality image that can be uploaded and eventually printed. A javascript SDK would be used: Additionally, we would like to include OCR (Optical character recognition) so that we could detect particular text and fields on the uploaded/photographed documents and use that data in various ways.

2. Our tenants users have a variety of tactics they can take to achieve resolutions in issues with their landlords. They often meet with advocates who suggest specific actions for them to take -- what we call “tenant homework”. We want to incorporate Machine Learning in order to start building out a logic and automation or recommendation for the tactics a tenant should use based on what we have seen to be most successful for past users. \\Additionally, we would like to include OCR (Optical character recognition) so that we could detect particular text and fields on the uploaded/photographed documents and use that data in various ways.

Time Estimation 8 - 12 weeks at 10-20 hours per week
Skills Needed To be consistent with the architecture and skills available within JustFix, we would use tools and technologies that have strong support both within JustFix and within the industry.
Number of Volunteers Requested 3-5 Engineers with a focus on Javascript and familiarity with document detection and OCR technologies, as well as machine learning.
Specific Tasks Key features to produce are:
  • Integrate a javascript SDK for document scanning
  • Integrate OCR to read those documents
  • Produce a machine learning framework to catalog prescribed tactics for tenants with a goal towards a recommendation engine of tactics.
Links (to be provided upon inquiry)
Contact Georges:
Dan (technical lead):
Ashley (design lead):

Preferred Project website improvements
Organization Category E-learning
Organization Name CourseWorld, Inc.
About Us CourseWorld, Inc. ( is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt,
nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of New York.
Description We seek to redevelop and redesign our website from the ground
up, improving elements such as the user interface, back end database, and feature set.
The site is built on a PHP framework – CodeIgniter version 2.1.3.
Time Estimation 8 - 12 weeks at 20 - 40 hours per week
Skills Needed PHP (CodeIgniter)
Number of Volunteers Requested 4-5 engineers (or more, as available)
Specific Tasks 1. Global/homepage changes2. Browsing / Navigation
3. Other navigation features
4. Play media
5. Video "collections"
6. Crowdsourced curation
7. Personalized content
8. Social / community
9. "About Us" page
10. Blog There are 10 areas of development (defined in a Google Doc, available on request):
1. Global/homepage changes
2. Browsing / Navigation
3. Other navigation features
4. Play media
5. Video "collections"
6. Crowdsourced curation
7. Personalized content
8. Social / community
9. "About Us" page
10. Blog
Links (request permission)

Freecycle Network Website Platform

Organization Category Environmental and Community-building
Organization Name The Freecycle Network
About Us Freecycle is a non-profit with a mission to build a worldwide sharing movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.  We have over 5000 local groups around the world and over 5.5 million members.
Project Name Freecycle 3.0
Description Freecycle is building a new and improved web application/site to replace our aging legacy one, adding new features and making the current funcationality easier to use and usable with modern mobile devices.  The app basically allows users to search for and join local Freecycle groups near them, post items, and respond to others’ posts.  A more social focus in the new version will allow people to have friends lists and create groups of friends which will enable not only giving away items but also loaning and borrowing items.   The application has been fully designed with wireframes and mockups and a styleguide and some pages have been built.  On the back-end there’s a functioning data access layer that uses GraphQL to talk to our existing MySQL database.  We’ve built the beginnings of other backend functionality and the start of the internal administrative tools used to manage the site.  Our technical team is very small; our one full-time engineer is often busy maintaining and supporting the legacy site, and volunteers have come and gone.  We’re a year and a half into this project and need some extra hands to get us to the finish line.
Time Estimation 8-10 weeks at 20-40 hours a week
Skills Needed
  • Frontend:  HTML, javascript, Foundation, bootstrap, jQuery, css/SASS 
  • Backend: serverside javascript, nodejs, hapijs framework, MySQL, GraphQL
Number of Volunteers Requested 2  front-end developers 
1 - 2 back-end developers
Specific Tasks front-end devs will focus on building out pages based on our design mockups and style guide.
back-end:  assist in adding new data features to our database and data access layer to support new version’s new features
• build basic content-management features for non-tech admins to create “static” content pages
• duplicate/port legacy app’s membership, group and post functionality
• build new Friend and Borrowing features and enhanced member profilie features
• design/build API for sharing our data with 3rd party developers
• duplicate/port moderator tools application for administering Freecycle groups
• write tests for all the above
Links (links to design mockups, wireframes, developments sites, etc can be provided upon inquiry)
Contact Steev Hise, Senior Engineer:

866 Our Vote

Election Protection is a voter support program that operates during each US election cycle. The program activates over 1000 volunteers to help prospective voters navigate systemic obstacles and cast their ballots. On November 3 and 4 in 2014 alone, Election Protection assisted voters with nearly 18,000 individual issues. We hope to double that number in 2016 by driving more voters to our support hotline with an intensive marketing campaign.

The ticketing system, branded Our Vote Live and based on GPL-licensed Request Tracker by Best Practical, brokers each voter's issue between the correct support volunteers to ensure resolution. On Election Day, November 8 2016, Our Vote Live must be usable by more types of users and a at a larger scale than it has ever performed before.

To ensure that performance level, Lawyers' Committee is seeking three types of volunteer technologists:

Needed DevOps Engineers:
Description Primary goal is to complete a partial infrastructure description in Ansible (
  • Complete existing, partial role and site playbooks for our Web app, Request Tracker
  • Develop ability to deploy to development, user testing, and production servers across multiple providers
  • Assist in selecting and deploying key management mechanism for infrastructure
  • Evaluate possibility of running app with our customizations on a cloud compute infrastructure
  • Set up infrastructure to test app performance running at scale|
Time Estimate 40 - 80 Hours Total
  • Ansible and Python
  • CentOS, RHEL, SELinux
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Apache, nginx, JMeter, Selenium
  • Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
Number of Volunteers 1 - 2

Needed Perl and Web Developers:
Description Primary goal is to develop a simplified interface - mostly a form - to allow volunteers to create and resolve tickets for voter issues.
  • Develop a form using Perl Mason templates in Request Tracker to allow intake of voter issues with multiple workflows
  • Package form as an RT::Extension Perl library
  • Optionally complete any of the following customizations
  • Bulk user creation via CSV upload
  • Integrate EtherCalc or similar Web spreadsheet as a data display tool
  • Our users primarily interact with data using Excel. This is for their convenience.
  • Construct page in RT for users to download bulk data sets
Time Estimate 40 - 120 Hours Total
  • Perl and Mason
  • REST, Javascript, CSS, possibly a modern MV* Javascript framework such as Backbone or React
Number of Volunteers 2 - 3

Sunny Patel:

Needed Data and Privacy Expert
Description Primary goal is to advise and guide Lawyers' Committee's use and non-use of voter personal identifying information in advocacy efforts and litigation
  • Introduce data, privacy, and security concepts in a (hopefully in-person) presentation to non-technical Lawyers' Committee staff
  • Analyze existing data flow and user work flows of the Election Protection program and make recommendations for appropriate policies, tools, and licensing agreements governing those flows
Time Estimate 10 - 20 Hours Total
  • Experience in developing privacy policies, terms of use, acceptable use policies, and data product licensing
  • Experience implementing best practices for securing data sets containing personal identifying information
  • Experience in responding to data breaches
  • HIPAA, FERPA, or GLBA compliance
  • Voter and elections privacy
Number of Volunteers 1

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